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Zhou Dafu rolls out beautiful vogue golden act the role ofing is tasted newly
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Zhou Dafu of Hong Kong's famous gold jewelry brand, in home Shanghai of the biggest disappear Philadelphia city opened the 42 self-supporting, jointly owned, Zhoudafuzhu that join in inn of Bao Jinhang door or shop, spread all over all complete city districts and county. During shopping section, all management sites on Zhou Dafu Shanghai, what dedicate to shopper is the beauty in be being called “ beauty, the gold of medium fashionable ” acts the role of vogue to be tasted newly.

Series of ” of “K-gold the quintessence of a country, it is Zhoudafu beautiful and fashionable gold acts the role of a key advocate those who push is new article, this is association of Zhoudafu and world gold hand in hand golden act the role ofing tastes the 18K of man-to-man joint development, by ” of Tian Yun of ” of plumage of skirt of Neon of ” of “ very beautiful, “ , “ , “ 5 kinds of design such as ” of elegant charm ” , “ Qing Yun, use Chinese element design, charm of indication the Chinese nation. Money of ” of that “ very beautiful is ring, hang, eardrop three-piece suit, grain act the role ofing deserves to answer form grain traditionally with China for national flower peony, and with gold-rimmed the Chinese form that organizes, will hang join together with necklace. Hanging a lower end with eardrop to written guarantee with China again is a circle of a violet brilliant bead, appear even more beautiful and fashionable. Condole of money of ” of plumage of skirt of that “ Neon drops with earring, design so that contest is like a China's luxuriant classic dancing, the garment sleeves elegant, steps moves gently, at current beautiful fashion appear vividly of appearance of romantic dance of China of Cheng Tang period gold is acted the role of over, your person is intoxicated.

The China since reforming and opening, communication of square culture of Chinese and Western is increasingly frequent, and the jewelry company that Zhoudafu regards Hong Kong as, the culture of diversity thinks of concept of peace keeping vogue, more travel together at inland first. Cherish make a Chinese the Zhoudafu that brand of the first gem dreams, dig the beautiful element of motherland bright civilization greatly already, draw the essence of western culture art actively again, creat vogue act the role ofing tastes the gold jewelry that gives match well of Chinese and Western. The “ that pushs newly is confused during shopping section still Italian ” series is tasted newly, the gold jewelry new money that is this kind of beautiful vogue. This series product is having full-bodied Mediterranean color, like some object, the exterior modelling of eardrop is like Roman church roof, still deserve to have cross. For more the Shang Meili when showing its, going up with material adopted gold and the ability law that blue holds handkerchief stone in the palm or violet brilliant, Huang Bei combines. The person believes Zhou Dafu, gold acts the role of the fashionable ” in the beauty in beauty of this kind of “ , vogue to be tasted newly, can yield shopper love.
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