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Claire Danes becomes Gucci gem vivid shop sign (graph)
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Latter, the Gucci group of the battle that is immersed in a brand is pointed to to get the worry of economic crisis. And the ongoing pace that this appears and cannot stop Gucci. Recently, the gem series that they sign a new Hollywood star Claire Danes to finish one season for its again does Dai Yan.

Claire - Dennis (Claire Danes) is the closest active in fashionable circle, she appears in CalvinKlein40 anniversary again and again the clique is opposite and Prada60 anniversary clique is opposite on, visible limelight is not small, she still obtains the appreciate of Gucci recently, acting Yan Jixin paragraph gem Gucci Fine Jewelry Chiodo Collection, in a films advertisement, er of fair gram Lai and bright gem set each other off are unripe brightness, costly and sexy.
“Claire Danes is a contemporary God, she can say is contemporary international moviedom go up the most outstanding with the actor that has distinguishing feature most. The sort of Claire Danes sex appeal and self-confident beauty, gucci wants the individual character with her itself enthusiasm, active, independence, a she is Gucci contemporary female it seems that perfect and reincarnate. Frida Giannini of chief inspector of ”Gucci group originality evaluates new face of this Gucci advertisement so.
Claire Danes was born at the United States 1979, the girl with this appearance pure Qing Dynasty may be her this age paragraph the most successful actress, she acts because of giving priority to not only " Romeo and Juliet " become little male girls the God in memory, and return Ceng Yuchi collaboration of the big star of renown world, big director acted the leading role a series of movie that make greatly. The famous book that includes American edition among them " miserable world " , and osmund Nuo is graceful. Of Lai De " small woman " , " how to knit quilt of an United States " , Fulangxisikebola is directed, matt. Amount to unconscious main actor " the person that make rain " , oliver. This connect " U form is curved " with Rena. Aolinyi acts the leading role together " polish wedding " wait. And the nova that herself itself is a force of call together of special v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money having a house, in new piece " force to enter a country " in, claire Danes is earned with outstanding acting again reputably. Now Claire Danes still is about to walk into famous Yale, with rise further and perfecting oneself.
It is reported, new advertisement piece film mobile general this year the autumn leaves formally pat, film for its new advertisement piece is famous cameraman Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Him Claire Danes is right media such say: &Ldquo; stylist Frida is the woman of an extremely rich creativity and imagination, her eye shot is very wide. Can cooperating this with them is a very stirring thing. ”
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