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Yin Lianbao rises abruptly to wear Jin Qiao at Shui Beifei
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Two years ago, a flock of gem people that dare have crab are in water shellfish deduced a group of legend on this magical and traditional land and vivid story. Be in ground of assemble of company of civilian battalion jewelry, had not dropped financing concept in great majority enterprise, antenna of financial orgnaization business is not outspread inside the area that reach, those who create a ” of “ gem edition is contemporary assure company of Yin Lianbao jewelry of town of enterprise —— Shenzhen assures Inc. . Dare be a person first industry leader created banner concept and banner record: Home assures the first times with what the enterprise inside guild and industry establishs jointly company, the first is given priority to with movables as assure instead of the condition assure company, the first offer the major that assure technically to assure for jewelry company company.
The outstanding achievement of arrogant person increases scope. By August 2008, accumulative total of silver-colored couplet treasure offers financing sex to assure for company of jewelry of close a hunderd schools ten yuan, among them enterprise of ” of celebrated brand of China of ”“ of “ China famous brand achieves more than 20. Protect a person of same business to announce data to show according to Shenzhen a unit of weight, successive before two years amplitude ranks Shenzhen city 5, the bank that give a letter also reachs the much home such as bank of the industrial and commercial bank, bank that start line of business, Shanghai Pudong development from a development when practice. While business develops, created assure rate of client complete actor and moral risk loss are the record of 0.
Serve without the characteristic that can duplicate. Yin Lianbao assures as the industry company, have the project management group that distinctive professional makes, cannot investigate a method duplicately, passageway of special website sth resembling a net, had become the setting with financial indispensable orgnaization to investigate an orgnaization. Its major investigation, examine, project government ability is in assure the first of all inside course of study, had complete client to constitute a step at the same time, “ results from the financial carrier that ” of gem, service gem regards headgear as the industry, catenary of industry of connective jewelry company, capital catenary, information catenary. Provided jewelry company program of optimal financing product, the most complete client assembly, most exercisable function method, become the ” of “ reach bar of market of financial orgnaization business, have reserve of fund of money of on 100 million yuan of banks already, have the ” of “ hard currency that giant partner unit forms by precious metal again, together with shows changeably assure instead measure, yin Lianbao becomes bank credit capital to pay a source finally of liquidate, formed ” of solid “ aureate firewall.
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