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Love story of continuance of CHAUMET of brand of gem of French hall level
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CHAUMET of brand of gem of French hall level on September 17, 2008 (on Wednesday) in Hong Kong Ballroom of hotel of annulus the four seasons was held " Attrape-moi….situm’aimes " gem series clique is right, invite guest to take the lead in admiring newest the gem that roll out and wrist watch design. Attend a honored guest to include Li Jiaxin (Hong Kong) , Xie Anqi (Hong Kong) , Lin Xilei (Taiwan) , small S Xu Xidi (Taiwan) , at the beginning of Zhang Jing (China) , Han, and the celebrity in the city of pioneer of one numerous tide and loving gem if old appearance allow, Rong Xuemei, Zhou Guofeng reachs Liang Huiyan to wait. In Yi of this starlight Yi in the evening, they will be written for the love story with moving CHAUMET on new one page.

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