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Jin Baili: Gem diamond market " vane "
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“ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” , masses consumable greeted consumptive busy season, especially gem headgear kind product, more so hot that warm a hand, add this year is an Olympic Games year, numerous youth chooses to be on red carpet in this special a particular year, because of this “ during 11 ” golden week, gem headgear kind product market will appear comprehensive blowout posture, the consumptive energy that the citizen accumulates for a long time be about to large-scale release.
Face this one market level, action of what kind of market can the Shanghai Jin Baili that regards the whole nation as famous brand have? This year gem headgear market after all how? Of the stock market low fan whether can you affect jewelry industry? Taking these issues, reporter special interview manager of Ou Wangxin of Anhui of limited company of Shanghai Jin Baili diamond.
The Olympic Games drives market prosperity
King manager says, so far, gem headgear market can flourish extremely with “ ” will describe, astute businessman is “ eights saints go across the sea, each shows special prowess ” , in succession exert all sorts of methodological loot markets, will stimulate consumer with this. And of consumer buy enthusiasm all-time also and rising, they are right buy jewel especially the idea of diamond was changed many, had jumped out the “ lifetime on traditional meaning ” , “ is engaged keepsake ” , more consumer already regarded diamond as luxury of a kind of masses will consume, will buy as a kind of decorations, gem already was ” of “ highbrow art and literature no longer, however the requisite that common citizen lives daily. Because this year is an Olympic Games year, a lot of youths can be in happy event of so special a particular year receives ” of “ Lian Lizhi, these consume the change on consciousness and distinctive a particular year, drove directly this year the prosperity of gem market. Wang Xin says: “ probably because this year is an Olympic Games year, so a lot of brands roll out use the design related feeling ’ with ‘ ovation, on design style special lay particular stress on the headgear at dream and natural wind, the series of ’ of fairy tale of ‘ angel · that like Jinbaili the company rolls out, sales volume of years whole is first-rate. ”
The stock market is low confuse gem hot
Of stock market low fan, meet those who cause all sorts of precious metal prices naturally climb litre. Be compared and character, some closer year come, diamond is tasted as the appreciation that keep a cost, pay close attention to unusually and be welcomed. In other words, diamond is tasted as the appreciation that keep a cost, price general more get assuring. And as a result of these reasons, in recent years gem market occurrence diamond collects heat, especially the high grade diamond of big carat, it is “ is gotten more beg ” hard.
Wang Xin thinks, firm of golden uncle interest regards the diamond of domestic be among the best of candidates as shopkeeper, timely rolled out a series of corresponding activities to transmit diamond culture better and popularize diamond knowledge, not only making consumer understands what kind of diamond more suit investment truly, also offerred a few first-rate opportunities to make consumer more convenient at the same time big carat of choose and buy is high grade diamond. The “ carat that undertakes in the whole nation like Jinbaili gets make one's rounds to exhibit ” , already arrived now Anhui, citizen echo is at present intense, believe to be able to be obtained not the sale outstanding achievement of common.
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