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MIX-BOX shine colour 11, profusion sends!
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11 golden weeks are coming, many MM people had begun rub one's fists and wipe one's palms-be eager for a fight, preparation is purchased one time in this god-given holiday, dress up oneself well. Came on September 29 on October 12, MIX-BOX is special roll out “ shine colour 11, profusion sends the indulgence of ” the activity, every consumption is full during the activity 28 yuan, can obtain give value 12.8 yuan SNOOPY Hua Yang crystal lip colour; Consumption is full 58 yuan, can obtain give value 26 yuan SNOOPY wave smooth very short time colour showing a lip.
The what such as beautiful female survival does everybody love? Will quickly experience the profusion color of SNOOPY together, share upgrade the surprise that is heroine, let you make this fall a that of the brightest eye! (mobile detail refers to the whole nation please each inn placard)

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