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Dynamix Jewelry Group is buying JewelAmerica
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The United States tells a company - electric headquarters was located in PR Newswire new York on September 19 jewelry manufacturer Dynamix Jewelry Group of India announces today, this company has reached to buy JewelAmerica Inc completely. agreement, should trade will finish at next month.
Last year, the Dynamix Jewelry Group that has India to count equity of domestic gem production factory passes an associated company the first time note for JewelAmerica endowment. Dynamix devotes oneself to to raise its gem equity all the time for years, be certain is JewelAmerica and whole world at the moment the optimal opportunity of conformity of other commerce equity.
JewelAmerica is banner precious metal gem design business, manufacturer and cent sell business, the Jewelmont/Jene below the banner, Oro Dall 'Italia, Jana, Baith and Astoria these 5 branches basically are sold to a large number of shopkeeper embed the ring that has diamond He Caishi, dangler and necklace.
JewelAmerica founded jointly 1981 by Zvi Wertheimer and Rachel Wertheimer, they spread out collaboration with Israel Ashkenazy again after several years. 3 founder are collective this company scope of business from be engaged in gold jewelry business technically extending to the jewel of diamond He Caishi that sells other price in a popular style. These 3 person that found will continue to hold the position of former post in JewelAmerica, rachel Wertheimer and Israel Ashkenazy will continue to hold the position of sale and purchase department to be in charge of high.
2007, john Esposito enters this company to hold the position of presiding and financial official. The synergism that because JewelAmerica hopes to use this to trade,brings, john Esposito has become presiding operation officer.

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