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Old Fengxiang greets 160 weeks of time birth
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On September 28 afternoon, old Feng Xiang is in 160 years when greeted it China absurd during, one gathered together Cultural Festival of headgear of international of the 7th the exposition of headgear of the seventeenth Shanghai of high-quality goods of gem of China and foreign countries, Shanghai is in Shanghai to be held ceremoniously. And while grand ceremony is held, having fine-looking the Zhao Yazhi of spokesman of as new as the old Feng Xiangquan that wisdom coexists figure is present also, went up for old Feng Xiangxian a paragraph of poetry.
Cheng Hui of set each other off of old Fengxiang and Zhao Yazhi
Poetry deduced career to undertake summing up to Zhao Yazhi not only, was to highlight old Feng Xiangwen to turn inside information more. “ the spokesman that I am old Feng Xiang, the beauty that uses figure praise for acting character of old Feng Xiang, add for hundred years brand brightness ” , zhao Yazhi and old Feng Xiang are written with respect to the place in resembling poetry in that way, both bring out the best in each other, set each other off is unripe brightness. Old Feng Xiang is a hundred years old name, and Zhao Yazhi is known as recreation to encircle ” of “ evergreen tree, such “ hundred years bright, lasting and classical ” lets old Fengxiang and Zhao Yazhi chose to go one case hand in hand. The joyance when Zhao Yazhi is accepting media to interview is in overtones say, “ husband regards birthday as ” via often can sending gem jewelry, look reach Zhao Yazhi has to gem headgear favour add, becoming spokesman of old Feng Xiang is a kind of happiness to her.
The gem outside old Feng Xiangzhong is exhibited classical
It is reported, the high-quality goods of gem of China and foreign countries that old Feng Xiangju handles extends meeting market jewelry of Italian K gold is newfangled emerald of treasure of Gongla of headgear of new money of pure gold of design, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil and old Feng Xiangyuan achieve Great Master atelier the gold that the design makes, platinic. 2008 year are new be seleted a country the silver-colored fine workmanship of “ old Feng Xiangjin of directory of immaterial culture bequest makes craft ” , what also place a high-quality goods to show Chinese bullion technology to common people with elegant bullion is excellent art ability and deep culture details. Item on display of these China and foreign countries, reflected the design concept of international popularity already, inheritance the headgear culture with outstanding China and foreign countries, body reveals “ inheritance classical, the theme of focusing vogue ” .
Old Feng Xiang promotes gem headgear to consume
The headgear exposition this year and international headgear Cultural Festival are China holds two wonderful Olympic Gameses, spirit successfully hold below the 7 big setting that return success and Shanghai world rich to be able to time 600 days, as Shanghai travel section, Shanghai shops one of content of a theme of section and section of yellow riverside general merchandise, old Feng Xiang is mixed in Shanghai various government, each guild of the colleague inside course of study support energetically below, held to “ to promote ethical culture, enlarge communication of China and foreign countries, breed Shanghai gem headgear the tenet of ” of high grade market, make ethical brand, do one's best passes what high-quality goods of gem of headgear exposition and headgear Cultural Festival, China and foreign countries exhibits to hold, transmit the new concept that gem headgear culture consumes further, quicken the pace that conforms with international, stimulative internationalization is metropolitan the formation of gem fashion industry. ”
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