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Naked get the difference analysis with certificate of finished product diamond
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Often the friend is bought now contain international letter or of domestic certificate naked auger, treatment is enchased later again, the diamond jewelry that the cost that such ring business accounting comes down often wants to buy finished product than going in bazaar is a lot of cheaper. But to average customer character, the jewelry of finished product diamond that has made again go off with makes letter, before the result that its produce is mixed naked the letter that get often can have a few difference, often let everybody feel very bemused, why can you have distinction? It is same obviously a diamond, so below will understand this among them crucial reason!

Because diamond is other to diamond class after enchase,this is judgement can get the influence of a few elements.

Above all, color: Only naked get ability to compare a color correctly, classificationing because of the color of diamond have a lot of strict demands, be in naked when classificationing, getting is to want mesa to compare diamond downward certainly most the lumbar arris part that shows color, and the diamond that has enchased, mesa is up, the igneous colour of such diamond itself can conceal the style quality of diamond greatly, accordingly, diamond falls to the circumstance that go up in mesa, the lubricious class of diamond of very difficult accurate judgement. And diamond is after it is good to enchase, color is to be able to get all round the color that mounts a metal affects, if on the side the metal that those who match is white, the color of diamond can be shown white, and all round it is maize metal when, the color of diamond also is met the hair of set off fizzled out to be met so to detecting the observation of personnel has certain effect.

The 2nd, spend completely: Those who enchase diamond is clean spending judgement is cannot accurate, because naked those who get is clean degree classificationing is to should make a hat ministry, booth ministry, waist of the examination of each respect, and enchase diamond, doing spend completely when classificationing, what can observe diamond only from coronal ministry is clean degree, some can check the waist, but the limitation as a result of design, cannot spend completely from what well balanced the ministry checks diamond almost. The person that has been engaged in diamond classificationing knows, the body of a lot of wrap up in diamond, perhaps be less than from the observation on coronal ministry, but if look from booth ministry, saw very easily. Returning those who have special key is, do those who enchase diamond is clean when spending an examination, have some of place that is held off by the metal, cannot see at all, that is to say, examination staff tears open the diamond that has enchased impossibly come down, complete examination. Accordingly, to enchasing diamond spend an examination completely, put in a lot of scotoma.

It is all so such going to him inlaid finished product metropolis and naked the letter that get has discrepancy, actually endless also like that, but must notice more when choosing design, choose simple design as far as possible, a lot of needless scotoma won't appear when detecting so, so the result of certificate also won't be to have very big deviation.
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