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Why can international certificate and domestic certificate have difference
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A lot of friends love to buy now those who contain international letter is naked auger, enchase treatment again, so whole ring calculates come down to meet than going bazaar buys finished product to want be to one's profit a lot of, but for average to great majority customer, be in for certain naked after getting treatment to had been enchased, can be done again set letter, so, detect about international certificate and home there can be difference problem ~ between certificate

Problem 1. Why naked can the level on the international letter that get open the level that give to differ with domestic certificate?

Reply: This is very general now problem, complain via often can having a friend, obviously naked on the international letter that get spending level completely is “VVS” , arrived of home a few detect leave in the orgnaization those who go out is “VS” ; Or be obviously the color of international certificate is “F” color, and arrived check opens the country those who go out is “H” lubricious ~ only, how is this to return a responsibility after all? !

A lot of people say the check mark of check had allowed the country to father, or it is “ is begged only the most severe, do not beg the most accurate ” , because of the country check can accomplish the diamond of “VVS” , can saying is what to hardly any wrap up types or forms of literature can be done is in below decuple magnifier because we are,use to ~ decuple hold magnifier to pick diamond, and the microscope that what when check is detecting, the country uses is 20 times above will see ~

But the word says, country what this strict requirement is aimed at check is enchase diamond classification, ask particular attention, this is “ enchase diamond ” classification certificate, what check makes the state is naked those who get classification certificate, do not have so slashing ~ absolutely

Why is the letter that sets diamond met so slashing?

Because diamond is other to diamond class after enchase,this is judgement can get the influence ~ of a lot of elements

Say color first:
Only naked get ability to compare a color correctly, classificationing because of the color of diamond have a lot of strict demands, be in naked when classificationing, getting is to want mesa to compare diamond downward certainly most the lumbar arris part that shows color, and the diamond that has enchased, mesa is up, the igneous colour of such diamond itself can conceal the style quality of diamond greatly, accordingly, diamond falls to the circumstance that go up in mesa, the lubricious class of diamond of very difficult accurate judgement. And diamond is after it is good to enchase, color is to be able to get all round the color that mounts a metal affects, if on the side the metal that those who match is white, the color of diamond can be shown white, and all round it is maize metal when, the color of diamond also is met the hair of set off fizzled out ~
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