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True bogus of diamond of appraisal international certificate has 4 situations
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In order to leaves 4 stages, can learn true bogus of international certificate diamond, it is with GIA certificate below exemple:

One, go according to GIA certificate number and diamond carat size; of information of letter of GIA website inquiry


2, whether does the impress of lumbar arris laser that sees the diamond with certificate form a complete set agree with certificate; [this measure agrees with take laser impress jewel]

Note: Buying GIA or when the IGI diamond that has laser impress, the staff member coachs and assist you to use please mix correctly handy method, with major the tool such as stage of lamp of 10 times magnifier, professional diamond, diamond comes saw with one's own eyes checks this laser impress.

3, whether does the flaw position that sees diamond tag this measure of consistent; [to agree with with certificate without big certificate of laser impress diamond]

Note: The appraisal division of international diamond bourse tells everybody, buy any diamond that carry international certificate, there all is clear flaw location drawing on certificate, when whether the position that cannot determine a flaw when you agrees with certificate, dai Weini suggests you check in orgnaization of tripartite appraisal.

Orgnaization of tripartite appraisal can browse the following page


4, in certificate data laser impress is true, true and number is consistent, check the weight; of diamond again

Note: The metric means of GIA is very special. It is the 3rd mantissa after diamond is decimally meets 9 into 1, that is to say, the weight when a diamond is 0.588 when, GIA can calculate it is 0.58 carat, if become,the weight of a diamond is 0.589 when, GIA can think it is 0.59 carat.

5, IGI certificate inquiry can browse the following page


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