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About the price drop in diamond calibration certificate
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Friend, if you were not a large number of price to pledge low diamond “ buys odd ” high, so, can see the friend of the price from diamond calibration certificate, include division of a lot of professional diamond appraisal, be afraid temporarily within of calibration certificate of not quite clear diamond, it is a word: “ money ” ! To the consumer of domestic great majority, the understanding that cutting worker worker to diamond is “ money ” still lies ” of “ blind area.

First the category that brief introducing that get Shi Jian to decide certificate. Diamond calibration certificate basically divides kinds big. One kind is domestic certificate, one kind is foreign certificate. Domestic certificate basically has “ country jewelry to detect central ” , ” of check of abbreviation “ country, the orgnaization of major of local gem appraisal that still has course attestation, for instance, the oldest, professional scholarship compares Shanghai area qualification highestly to authoritatively jade of gem of the treasure in “ Shanghai detects central ” ; One kind is foreign certificate, ” of certificate of abbreviation “ international. The foreign certificate with gem accepted bound has the AGS” of “ United States, this AGS issue only the most perfect the diamond calibration certificate that cuts worker worker, have the diamond price of this diamond certificate, more expensive than be the same as the diamond of grade to want piece a lot of, return in home very few and current. The foreign letter that at present domestic jewelry bound approves quite has the GIA” of gemmology courtyard of “ United States, the HRD” of parliament of high level of “ Belgian diamond, the IGI” of lab of the EGL” of lab of “ Europe gemmology courtyard and “ Belgium lapidary academy.

So, is the “ money ” in diamond calibration certificate over there?

You even if complete dilettante, you want know word only, can see how many the “ money ” in diamond calibration certificate has. If you are dilettante, suggest you buy the diamond that issues foreign letter, among them, had better be to choose the GIA that folds the United States, it is Belgian HRD next, it is European EGL next again, it is Belgian IGI next again.

If you choose the GIA diamond calibration certificate that folds the United States, weight, color, clean degree international unites quote, quote is united in this international in, the feline be bored with that a lot of jeweller that take professional morality seriously not quite play is on the opinion that cuts worker worker. For instance: It is H, clean that you purchase a 1 carat, facial expression spending is VS1 is naked auger, at present international quote is 6500 beautiful circles one carat, if be in color, clean degree, below the premise with identical weight, GIA cuts labour to have 3 big opinions: It is symmetry, 2 it is to cast luminosity, 3 it is overall evaluation.
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