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Shanghai compares the international diamond letter that often sees and the expla
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The international letter that sees more quite on Shanghai field at present has 4 kinds: 1. GIA (American gem institute)   2. HRD (parliament of Belgian diamond tall estate)   3. IGI (Belgian gem institute)   4. EGL (European lapidary lab) .

Every appraisal place has his own an appraisal level, but basic and photogenic with (carried out “ of our Comrade Xiaoping very well to beg Great Harmony, the guiding principle of Cun Xiaoyi ” ) . In view of us domestic appraisal place cites the comparison of referenced GIA standard is much, the professional knowledge that satisfies oneself to use oneself and the experience that come for years try to explain to a few data on GIA certificate, the actor of specific to its numerical value is made slightly in order to evaluate. (individual experience and viewpoint, consult for everybody only)

GIA diamond certificate -- the most authoritative diamond on the world classifications one of certificate.

GIA (American gem institute) it is the world one of orgnaizations of appraisal of the biggest the justest diamond, with EGL (European lapidary lab) , IGI (institute of Belgian international gem) , HRD (parliament of Belgian diamond high-ranking layer) call international orgnaization of appraisal of 4 big authoritative diamond. Its calibration certificate is one of standards of buying and selling of basis of place of trade of whole world diamond, any national appraisal orgnaizations can not compare the rate that makes excessive demands strictly.

GIA certificate diamond never depreciation, never anile, never fade, accompany you all one's life forever, run in the family, value constancy, it is you the the most reliable, most worth while investment and had worldly beauty thing!

GIA- - Gemological Institute Of America (American gem institute) , it is the most authoritative gem appraisal orgnaization on eye preexistence bound.

Date: GIA certificate signs and issue date

GIA Report: To print the different number of every diamond, resemble the person's id card.

Shape: Diamond appearance, circle, pear form, chinese olive form, elliptic, heart form, emerald form, princess square, ancient law form. . . . .

Measurements: The actual dimension of diamond, * of diametical * diameter is tall.

Weight: Diamond weight, 1 carat is 100 minutes, the size of diamond and price do not become direct ratio.
Depth: Diamond mesa after all pointed scale. 60%~63% left and right sides is best scale.

Table: The scale of diamond waist diameter and mesa diameter. 53%~60% left and right sides is best scale.

Girdle: Diamond waist, its data shows whether the waist is parallel, THN=THIN, MED=MODERATE, STK=SLIGHT THICK, THK=THICK. Two intermediate data are better.

Culet: Diamond underside, NON= is not had, namely diamond is 57 tangent plane. It is 58 tangent plane conversely.

Polish: Diamond polish, cent is EX= outstanding, VG= is very good, g= is good, p= is poor.
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