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How calibration certificate of look upon diamond
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The gem headgear market of our country, especially diamond jewelry market is in to more the direction of standardization develops, diamond appraisal, classification main function arrived since certificate. Consumer is in gem jewelry store (bar) can see, most diamond jewelry deserves to have detect by gem the certificate that the orgnaization signs and issue, but each gem detects station, detect center issued letter, still put in the difference with certain move to content respect from the form, people can'ts help can asking: “ after all what kind of certificate is just the justest? Gem of ”“ so much detects orgnaization, which is the most reliable? ” wants only actually it is national law decide what the orgnaization maintains to detect unit, the letter that its issue is reliable, they can act on the principle of “ science, just ” , have serious identification to each diamond.

After some clients buy diamond, send diamond jewelry another detect the station goes “ reinspects ” , once discover detects color or the level that spend completely and original certificate have difference, maintain jeweller's to have con suspicion, even desire “ litigates ” , because customer check book does not understand very,this is. So when buying diamond jewelry, answer how look upon certificate?

Classification according to national diamond standard, arrive to 10 minutes of diamond weight the diamond between 1 carat, can use “ to enchase diamond to classification regular ” undertakes classificationing to the character of diamond, although diamond quality classifications,evaluation standard is all gem in the most scientific, provide most internationally standard, because diamond already was enchased when classification, because this detects,the orgnaization is opposite hard the color of diamond, clean degree etc undertake classificationing well and truly, and classification the job is to rely on what the eyesight of technical personnel increases experience to classification, because this error is inevitable, press diamond industry usual practice, be spent completely or the level of color is color, clean to diamond only a when spend a circumstance roughly description, fluctuation is OK the error with certain be patient of.

Be opposite this kind already inlaid diamond, enchase diamond to classification according to “ regular ” , the quality of diamond cent is 5 big level: Wonderful, very good, good, better, general. For example, the quality of a diamond evaluates good for “ ” , its color may be F class, or G class, spend completely for SI, likely also color level is H, or I, or J, spend completely for VS or SI, this kind of diamond already was belonged to excellent person. The natural sex place that because this also answers to see; in the round to diamond calibration certificate,diamond can be when you are buying diamond jewelry one'ses mind disturbed, be attracted by the uniqueness place of diamond, and won't seek color level blindly tall, clean the diamond with degree of high rank, these advanced and other diamond are the curiosa in the curiosa in nature, its price does not poor of course.
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