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Listen to diamond king to be opposite of diamond calibration certificate unscram
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-----Often value of a lubricious level needs 2000 dollars

Do not have a person to be able to resist the temptation of diamond bright light, and as drawing near of the end of the year and Valentine's Day coming, “ diamond constant is ages ago, one always circulates the cry of ” already made capital each are big diamond sells the person of field gas all-time and rising. Get famed Beijing life in order to sell greatly general merchandise, from last year since December, almost every day can a carat of 100 thousand yuan of above gets work off adorn article. Having get the Chen Daqing of gem department manager that acts the role of sale experience to discover for years: The gem consumption of past client is paid attention to carry market, later is to see a brand, value calibration certificate extremely nowadays. Especially the price passes 10 thousand, the diamond of half carat above, the calibration certificate that must provide authority just has sale.

Year sale holds share of countrywide diamond market president Wang Zhenying points out the limited company of the diamond king of 1% , golden house jewel that has brand shop of many 120 diamond: Great majority consumer regards calibration certificate as now discern the Id of true bogus. Actually the society unscrambles certificate, the referenced information that can be the clever price that buys the home to offer more diamond and character. O

Having 7 years of Belgian H.R.D. International diamond classifications Introduction Wang Zhenying of case of appraisal persons qualified to teach: In international gem industry, appraisal system has level of 4 big mainstreams, it is G.I.A respectively. , H.R.D. , I.G.I. With E.G.L. . Among them both before (namely American gemmology courtyard and Belgian lapidary association) makes diamond grade criterion for evaluation is most rigorous with authority. Match the person that have the hold that the carat of two kinds of afore-mentioned certificate gets, the bank in the developed country is OK very obtain mortgage loan easily.

The reporter sees in golden house, hundreds of perfect carat get deploys H.R.D. On diamond calibration certificate, except indicate outside the diagnostic record such as weight, dimension, fluorescent reaction, spend those who reach quality to classification completely standard particularly specific. Among them lubricious class uses English letter designation, by highest color class D arrives Z of lowermost lubricious class, color by arrive in vain yellow, share 32 class; to spend cent to also have for IF(completely weigh LC, below lens immaculate class) , VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, P1, P2, P3 in all 11 grade level.

Wang Zhenying tells a reporter: Look on calibration certificate seem as dry as a chip figure actually the pocket be closely bound up with you. For instance color of a 1 carat, clean degree, cut worker worker very good diamond and 1 carat color, clean degree, the diamond photograph that cuts labour to be differred a bit is compared, price difference has 70% to 80% . If according to at present market price conversion of home, among them price difference can be as high as tens of thousands of yuan.
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