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The specification of certificate of GIA diamond grade
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Diamond level certificate proved place of a diamond has some detailed and accurate features. These diamond level certificate are by diamond industry national treasure stone learns the most authoritative organization beauty courtyard (GIA) issues.


Calibration certificate of GIA international diamond

The feature of certificate of GIA diamond grade:

GIA differentiates for diamond grade and lapidary appraisal established a standard, this kind of standard becomes the fair beacon of international jewelry industry to allow.

The feature of diamond grade certificate that GIA signs and issue includes:

Diamond certificate number (Laboratory Report) : The calibration certificate number of this diamond

Date (Date) : This diamond by appraisal date

Appearance and cut modelling (Shape And Cutting Style) : With the exterior that will describe diamond and cut style

Dimension (Measurement) : Describe the volume of diamond for the unit with millimeter, wait for parameter like long, wide, tall, circumference

Carat weight (Carat) : The maund of diamond, arrive accurately normally decimally hind two, 1 carat is equal to 200 milligram or 0.2 grams

Color (Color) : The color that describes diamond differentiates grade, d expresses the most infrequent the most satisfactory level, z shows lowermost level

Spend completely (Clarity) : Use a description to be below 10 times magnifier, those who measure its spend level completely

Cut worker worker (Cut) : Come according to the openly exterior of diamond, design and craft appraisal its grade that cut worker worker. After circular diamond began to be classificationed on January 1, 2006, cut worker worker classification begin popularity to rise

Burnish (Finish) : To the overall evaluation of diamond polish and symmetry

Polishing (Polish) : The whole surface that is diamond spends assess grade glossily

Symmetrical (Symmetry) : Use at describing diamond on appearance of two side facet, and whole diamond apparent balances a gender consistently

Fluorescent (Fluorescence) : Use at the description to be below ultraviolet ray, observe the color of diamond and color intensity

Remarks (Comments) : Describe those is in the diamond characteristic that certificate had not mentioned in basic project

Spend a figure completely (Clarity Plot) : The foreign matter that puts jewel in professional microscope next observing probably size, type and positional scale and become chart

Scale chart (Proportion Diagram) : The actual scale of diamond pursues, can know the real volume of a diamond according to this graph

Teach you how to read chart of a piece of scale below, typical scale chart includes the following information:

Deepness per cent (Depth%) : Will naked the deepness that get (the height that measures to mesa from booth needle) except the average diameter that gets with the circle (or the width of beautiful type lathe work) multiply again with 100 percent.
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