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Of certificate of concerned GIA diamond answer doubt
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Q: What is GIA?

GIA full name is Chinese of Gemological Institute Of American calls institute of stone of beautiful national treasure, be Mr Xiboli established 1931 and establish by Robert M.Shepley in American Luo Sha 磯 , the 歷 that holds water to already had up to now 70 years history, group staff exceeds 700 people, for nonprofit education, research and gemmology appraisal serve an orgnaization, overcome a gentleman to founded 1953 by Richard T.Liddicoat Li Di international diamond classifications system, let system of diamond 4Cs grade change with standardization, make the whole world most suffer respected gem to classification as authoritative as appraisal.

Q: How should send diamond to GIA appraisal?

The GTL with GIA at present subject place, namely Gem Trade Laboratory has two only, one at the United States east city of bank new York is in the United States another times on the west bank California, but by GIA website or call customer service center to signal demand, meet at the same time answer the time of expenditure and amount Fu to give you, also can divide ask of school be in harmony with GIA Taiwan of course.
Www.gia.com.tw of Taiwan of Www.gia.edu of Web Site United States
Client Services
New York 212-221-5858
California 760-603-4500
GIA Taiwan divides school 02-2717-6323

Q: Why to choose the diamond transaction of GIA?

After famous international appraisal orgnaization all spends Er by the diamond grading system of GIA, the whole world develops, GIA is in after the first gives unified level grade, maintain already some is rigorous degree of research appraisal group with banner industry, the person that allow gem and jewel trade the leader of professional field place of according to GIA, the diamond transaction of GIA diamond all really the record tells you, the client due the right that know gives best safeguard.

Q: Can GIA diamond have identical?

The one carat of DIAMOND GRADING REPORT in each GIA the big card of above, have number of transaction of different diamond weight, grade, scale, diamond, letter the diamond interior with be mixed the Lei She bar code, most important and exterior special record of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, indicative project, position, size, amount, apparent degree, the diamond that differs each differentiates completely piece. One carat of GIA is small card DIAMOND DOSSIER below to do not have diamond inclusion designation to pursue.

Q: Does each GIA diamond all have Lei She to engrave a code at waistline?

The diamond of small card of GIA DIAMOND DOSSIER all can use thunder to shoot beam of light to make certificate number in waistline, and the diamond of big card of GIA DIAMOND GRADING REPORT is not certain, normally GIA unified exam measures Lei She to cut the security of a failure, and the wear and tear that rubs waistline afresh in the future.

Q: What is GIA (G.G. ) ?

The education of GIA has the course that offers a gemmology 鑑 to decide in the orgnaization, included diamond to classification, pearl, Gong Labao (corundum) , sapphirine of emerald and water (beryl) , crystal and agate (quartz) , green jade 璽 (tourmaline) , stone pyrope, halcyon (jadeite) , jade (, and the Graduate Gemologist (G.G that GIA(G.G) has professional reputation most in jewelry industry namely. ) license of degree of Home Diploma gemmology.
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