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African star - - the biggest diamond on the world
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In nature, diamond shows round graininess or drossy shape to yield mostly, complete single crystal does not see more. And its bead diameter normally not big also, small person be like grain of rice or smaller, the diamond of especially big class although weight can amount to 100 carat (every carat makes an appointment with 0.2 fair grams) above, but very infrequent. The biggest diamond wool embryo in the record (former stone) it is the Cullinan diamond that discovered in field of mine of south Africa Premier 1905 in A.d. , weight is as high as 3106 carat. Wear of classics cut, carve makes the diamond with much differ size later, the biggest person (Cullinan I) be enchased to be on the crosier of flower emperor, heft 530.2 carat, so-called " African star " .

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