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Natural diamond and the distinction that synthesize diamond
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Natural diamond is to be under the earth's surface the deepness of 200 kilometers is in extreme high temperature (about 1500. C) with high pressure (about 50000 atmosphere) grow below the condition. But people can have issued the conditional a future life with same creation to produce synthetic diamond in the environment of the lab.
Come for years, synthesizing diamond basically is to be used at industrial utility, and the diamond that produces level of big dimension gem is very complex. The diamond cost of lapidary class is very costly as a result at for a time foreground is bleak. But follow the disintegrate that writes Russia 10 this years, because Russia is close together model the development of cheap ”BARS” technology, although the amount is not big, had discovered the synthetic diamond that produces with the equipment of this kind of type time and again however in the market.

鑑 fastens natural diamond and synthetic diamond already was urgent affairs. But this should create diamond difficulty than distinguishing 偽 much. Natural diamond and synthetic diamond department are formed by carbolic atom, and be arrange according to identical crystal lattice, so they have identical physical quality. Only the irregular sex in the crystal lattice that some spy a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale is microstructure and atomic measure, namely crystal blemish. In this respect, grow as a result of what differ environment, like chemical atmosphere, grow speed, natural diamond and synthetic diamond are abhorrent, the major synthetic diamond on current market is shown very strong yellow, orange, brown even, be distinguished very easily accordingly.

However 鑑 decides difficulty of achromatic synthesis diamond to want many big, need very complex ability to defend normally. Produce this kind of achromatic synthesis diamond is likewise special and not easy, this is why the colorless synthesis diamond is very scarce still reason on the market. Still one kind results from the produces synthetic diamond method of microelectronics, namely law of deposit of chemical gas phase, alone still cannot produce the diamond of lapidary class quite up to now. (Ask those who consult thorough colour is gotten to change color and synthesis)

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