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The story of diamond
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The mankind extracts the history that uses diamond already had a few chiliad, but the lapidary class diamond that is more than 20 carat from of old is very infrequent. And the diamond that is more than 100 carat is being inspected national treasure. The especially big diamond that is more than 100 carat according to weighing what discover on the world at present has many 1900, be more than 500 carat among them have 21, those who be more than 1000 carat is only 2. The biggest diamond on heretofore world was on January 27, 1905 in south Africa Zaire Bailimeier (Premier) of discovery, this diamond names “ Kulina ” (Cullinan) , heft 3106 carat. Grow 100mm, wide 65mm, thick 50mm. Lapidary group operator estimates “ the value of ” is as high as Kulina 7.5 billion dollar. 1907, made of baked clay local government of Lan Shi of south Africa heart this gigantic auger gave flower king Edward 7 worlds. Flower king treatment this gigantic the project that get gave company of famous Holand A Sheer, this company once had machined “ nobility clinking ” get greatly. After this company receives Cheng of come off work gigantic to this auger studied a few months on Feburary 10, 1908 this gigantic auger be broken off the treatment after a few chunk gives 9 to be gotten greatly, 98 bradawl, leave designedly (weigh 9.5 carat) former stone is raw. The finished product that treatment comes out gets gross to be 1063.65 carat, treatment comes out a the biggest diamond names “ Kulina Ⅰ date ” , also call African star, heft 530.02 carat, it is pear form facet is gotten. “ Kulina Ⅱ date ” is what cut corner is long just get, weigh 317.4 carat. “ Ⅲ date ” is Kulina pear form is gotten, weigh 95 carat, “ Ⅳ date ” is Kulina square getting, weigh 64 carat, still form of a heart is gotten weigh 19 carat, two Ma Yan are gotten, weigh L1.5 respectively carat and 8.8 carat, two just are gotten to grow respectively finally (weigh 6.8 carat) , get with rugger form (weigh 4 carat) , 4 among them diamond are set on British crown, this crown shows collect carefully to overcome Feierdeda in London Wei flower in royal treasury.

At the beginning of 17 centuries, the diamond that in India Ge Erkang amounts to collects the diamond semifinished product that weighs 309 carat to in placer deposit, hind entitle diamond of Ao Erluo's husband. At that time, according to Shahezhehan's devree, a famous diamond treatment expert plans to machine about of ” of “ India rose, but fail to be like completely wish, weight loss is not little (grind a 189.62 carat only) . Reportedly, this wonderful unsurpassed, rare the diamond that be too busy, in doing fane of Lin Ga of Indian a place of strategic importance later one honour the eyeball of God. After was being razziaed by Persia king Na Jier in heart 1739, this diamond is by adornment over throne of accept auspicious Er, entitle “ outstanding Er holds exert Er ” high. Later diamond by pilfer, fall into an Armenian hand. He stocked diamond 1767 Amsterdam a bank, yi of artisan of the gem before 1772 he sold drive jewel 10 thousand, yimo gave Aoerluofu count at was being bought again with the price of 400 thousand ruble 1773. Of the same age, aoerluofu dedicates this diamond to Xiekajielinna the gift that 2 worlds regard her as to name day, thereafter it is entered by solder pure silver of a carve patterns or designs on woodwork in, set was in Russia the top of crosier. Diamond of husband of abstruse Er the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is clean be too busy, very infrequent, it takes a bit Dan La green slightly, there are systems of a few dinky flaxen wrap up in crystal. Diamond thick 22mm, wide 31- - 32mm, grow 35mm. This diamond collect carefully is at present advanced Russia diamond foundation, ” of another famous diamond “ Sha He was 1829 Mierza gives Persia prince to czar government, meaning because Russia makes,in foster cordial relations between countries official's exasperate in be related of Persia be murdered two countries concerns. Diamond of ” of “ Sha He weighs 88.7 carat, shallow cinnamon, immaculate, there just are a few small flaws in crystal. Useful wave is gentle on 3 polish face of word engrave inscriptive, meaning for “ Boer rarely one Buddhist nun plunges into Mu one sanded conspicuous 2 worlds, 1000 (the Christian era 1591) ” . After India is held for Er of big Mo Wo in, this diamond falls into their hand. The 2nd paragraph of inscriptive meaning is “ sagacious Han Jier one sand Sha He of — of rarely of He Zhizi sagacious, 1051 (the Christian era 1641) ” . Meaning of the 3rd paragraph of chromic article is “ ruler to block Dezaer — law conspicuous is special Sudan of the one sanded conspicuous in one A, 1242. (Persia king, 1842) . This diamond already was had according to be by Na Jier Sha He, it is to be in about period of Er of occupational 1739 big Mo Wo, this diamond is picked in where unmanned and witting, according to concluding, it may discover placer deposit of Kang Da of Yu Ge Er. Can go up in diamond of hard and clinking ” of “ Sha He engrave is inscriptive, visible at that time of Persia actor technology masterly your person is unthinkable. Inscriptive in Er of mentioned big Mo Wo is Caesarean rarely of sagacious of archon Sha He — , be in office from 1627 1666, later by outstanding cloth is seized let him overshoot in jail survive. Sha Hezhe is rare huge gem addiction, he has special workshop, go there personally even grading and consider gem, his son outstanding cloth usurped not only kingship, also captured father's jewellery. 1665, a famous traveler made those who bring everybody to get the better of depict to the throne of Er of big Mo Wo, throne is adorned with a large number of gem. Hanging to weigh toward the canopy of throne of one side of the person that call on 80- - the diamond of 90 carat, a lot of emerald and ruby surround all around. This may be ” of “ Sha He, the intercrop of the person that it is hanged in Er of big Mo Wo and face call on is the treasure that protect a body. Still have a very beautiful diamond, be called ” of “ Sang Xi to get, weigh 55 carat, this diamond ever set fokelore to block Er helmet to go up in Trojan, lose in fight closely after.
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