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Perfect diamond cuts worker worker
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One, the limits that academic and perfect diamond cuts worker worker

The Ideal Cut that Round Brilliant circle gets bright travel is perfect cut worker worker, it is a source from 1919 the technology of Marcel Tolkowsky is academic and come, its standard is shown for following place.

Of Tolkowsky theory bright model lathe work
Desktop per cent (Table) : 53%
Total deepness tall per cent (Total Depth) : 59%~60%
Waistline per cent (Girdle) : Medium - 0.7%~1.7%
Coronal tall per cent (Crown Height) : 16.2%
Bottom deepness per cent (Pavilion Depth) : 43.1%
Coronal horn (Crown Angle) : 34.5.
Bottom angle (Pavilion Angle) : 40.75.
Its name can say the type that do the United States is perfect those who cut labour or Tolkowsky theory is bright model lathe work, abbreviation Ideal Cut.

2, the limits that suggests perfect diamond cuts worker worker

Desktop per cent (Table) : 52.4~57.5%
Total deepness tall per cent (Total Depth) : 56.88%~63.92%
Waistline per cent (Girdle) : Thin To Slightly Thick(0.51%~2.95% )
Coronal horn (Crown Angle) : 33.7. ~35.8.
Bottom angle (Pavilion Angle) : 40.2. ~41.25.
Pointed bottom (Culet) : None(Pointed)~Medium

3, diamond is perfect cut labour to single a note

The Proportions of ★ certificate: In Depth of designation of the meeting on certificate, table, girdle, the data such as Culet, check whether be in the limits of Ideal Cut.

★ coronal horn (Crown Angle) and bottom angle (Pavilion Angle) : But by appraisal professional is judged for you, the accurate method of the message that perhaps can go up from data and relevant book, measure its point of view by oneself.

Lathe work of ★ Round Brilliant is not Ideal Cut certainly: Perfect the limits level that cuts worker worker is to be used in the circle to get bright model on United States getting, but must according with its scale just is.

★ is not the designation of Ideal Cut for certain: The Polish of certificate or Symmetry are Good, fair, poor firstly person, still Girdle is Extremely Thin, thick, extremely Thick, neither can become the perfect Ideal Cut that cut worker worker.

4, GIA diamond cuts industry ratio and angle to classification watch

Standard Good
General Very Good
Good Excellent
Very good Very Good
Good Good
The desktop compares 47—49 50—51 52—62 63—66 67—69
Total Depth%
Compare <55 56—57.4 57.5—63 63—64.5 >65 completely greatly
Pavilion Depth%
Booth compares <=39.5 40—41 41.5—45 45.5—46.5 >=47 greatly
Crown Angle
Coronal horn 26—30 30—31 31.5—36.5 37—38 38—40
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