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The brief introduction of diamond
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Diamond Zuànshí, pass the diamond of burnish namely, weigh diamond again, mineral name is diamond. English is Diamond, result from ancient Hellenic Adamant, means is hard inviolable material.
① points to lapidary class diamond normally, point to diamond of carve lapidary class especially, actually, what diamond and diamond are in abroad and use a word without this kind is divisional, all use in English same a lexical “diamond” , but domestic criterion constant “ diamond ” one word is used at mineralogical domain, one word uses diamond at gemmology domain. But endless also like that, although do not belong to gemmology domain,be like ” of “ industry diamond, it is people already was used to such appellation only, reason also uses in this vocabulary entry.
Diamond of ② lapidary class with colorless and transparent for top grade, but the common person that move to take small yellow slightly more. Yellow is moved or Brown attune heals deep, grade also heals low. One is plant colorless and transparent in those who take a bit blue be called lubricious ” of “ extreme misery, it is beautiful is tasted however. And the belt is deep blue, deep black, deep golden with gules, green person, it is scarce curiosa more, the “ that be called is colourful get ” of diamond of strange precious of ” or “ , the diamond of same mining area contains feature of similar “ pigment ” , as a result has the person of experience to often can identify the source of a diamond by this. Circle of standard of the earliest invention is bright of type cut is 1914, tuokaofusiji invents the diamond cut division of Belgian Antwerp. The standard of differentiate diamond is called 4C, it is to be spent completely respectively, color, cut weight of labour, carat. Be being spent completely among them is the inclusion that points to diamond, and should not call a flaw. The existence of inclusion was showing the natural sex of diamond. Of course, we or hope lap the inclusion of system condition has been jumped over lesser this kind, had what spend completely to classification so. Namely: Class of LC, VVS, VS, SI, P. People won't consider jewel in the past, can serve as with diamond former stone only adorn article, diamond crystal becomes jewel truly, turn into the times of headgear, be in about 1450. Consider diamond has 17 sides only at that time, 1558- - the diamond ring that the British queen of be in power adorned 1603, it is crystal of an octahedral diamond only, ground a tip to regard Buddhist monastic discipline as the face. Till 1919 a Polack that lives in the United States is called a tower to overcome gas grave (Tolkowsky) , the design gives 58 diamond cut technology that search an area, still using up to now, according to the element such as the refractive index coefficient of diamond accurate computation comes out this cuts worker worker, cannot change arbitrarily, grind the diamond that go out to will not have glorious or light leak otherwise.
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