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Selection of diamonds Three Rules of Discipline Eight Points for Attention
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Many new people in the selection of diamond jewelry, they often felt at a loss what to do. In fact, a favorite selection of jewelry, not a very troublesome thing. Just follow the "Three Rules of Discipline Eight Points for Attention" to ensure that you can choose to desirable diamond jewelry.

Three Rules of Discipline

1, leaving plenty of time. General new 3 months before the wedding, you should start shopping for jewelry has. This will not only have plenty of time to look at several stores, in Jinan, the professional bodies can even be like diamonds, like clothes tailor-made for you.

2, the two common choice, to ensure satisfaction of both parties. Concentric with people who love to pick the diamond itself is beautiful to enjoy.

3, the screening of the selected brand of professionalism. Diamonds are very professional consumer goods, whether it is an infinite refinement 4C, or cut a systematic evaluation are not ordinary consumers and retailers can make the general knowledge. For example, diamond is not cut facets more color the better the fire, but by accurate calculation of the facet angle of 57 "马赛托库斯基 cut method" is the optimal angle of reflection of the perfect combination of light, some businessmen 108 facets introduced so-called "high thermal saturation," the reference to diamond is extremely professional business concept of speculation.

Eight Points for Attention

1, the diamond cut. So we see diamonds shining bright, a very important reason is the diamond cut. In fact, without cutting off the diamond, as we block the common sugar, is not shiny. Only after cutting through strict proportion, into the light to the diamond after reflection by multi-channel precision is above all reflected to the diamond, forming the largest fire saturation, which is the 57 facets, "马赛托库斯基 cut method "the essence. Evaluation of degree of diamond cutting into the fire, light level, flash level.

2, mosaic way.

The most common methods include claw inlay, dot inlay, package inserts, forcing the set, the group set a variety of ways. However, no matter what kind of mosaic like to protect the diamond securely is fundamental. General claw set and point set is the new way that people often choose, but in any case, the day after the maintenance, to protect the inlaid solid.

3, style design. Because it is something to follow our lifetime, so in style as far as possible with simple, comfortable and the main, so as to never be out of date. Group set a new style is not recommended that people have chosen, as wedding ring, or a main drill as well.

4, material selection. Now common, there are two, one for the platinum inlay, marked as PT950, which means with 95% platinum. One is 18K gold inlay, marked as AU750, which means with 75% of the gold. Advantages and disadvantages, choose which one to look at personal preference.

5, the price range. In the development of new budget should live within our means, pay the man on the floor in the range of one to two months, so as not to become too heavy a burden, but also regarded as a token of a lifetime to make a little investment.

6, hedge investment. Diamonds have investment value, mainly depends on two aspects: 1, size, usually more than half carat are a good appreciation potential. 2, cut, cut quality can affect 40% of the value of diamonds, carat diamond cut only good appreciation potential was great.

7, authoritative identification. Read the jewelry store to show certificate of gem identification. Also ask the shop salesperson to identify its contents clearly explained in detail. Some stores jewelry stores will be accompanied by a guarantee, this guarantee is to prove that the diamond product is sold by the store, needs and diamonds with the safekeeping of the identification certificate, the certificate is the after-sales service.

8, after-sales service. Formal jewelry company will provide free off refurbished gem rings, rings, repair broken Jin Xiang, a whole new life for free, cleaning, hand-inch service reform ring, wedding ring be sure to purchase new business advice to the clear, and confirmed service certificate. General buying jewelry should be chosen "China Famous Brand", "Shandong Famous Brand" and other jewelry companies, which have the perfect after-sales service system.

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