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LV brand introduces
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Patriarch: Louis Vuitton
Stylist: Marc Jacobs
Matrix: France
Establish a particular year: 1854
Connection: (Phone) 33 1 53 57 24 00
Registered office address: 2, rue Du Pont-Neuf, 75034 Paris Cedex 01 - France
Product line: The skin provides a product (include vanity, boot, attache case to wait) , fashionable dress hand-me-down, shoe is walked on, wrist watch, advanced gem, book writes things to reach deserve to act the role of
Series: Monogram, damier, suhali sheepskin, epi leather, antigua, cruise, tambour Watches, speedy Watches, louis Vuitton Cup Watches
Chinese branch: Dalian, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xi'an, Xiamen, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou
Louie - power ascended revolutionary ground to contrive box of flat-roofed fur clothing, opened the first store at Paris 1854, created the generation of LV design, from after this, it is LV skin all the time indicative symbol, up to now long lasting. But resemble same today, his design is borroweded very quickly, after this, flat-roofed square model suitcase makes trend subsequently. Arrive from inchoate LV product annual nowadays the garment of the ceaseless irregular change on Parisian T stage is beautiful, lu Yiwei ascends for a long time stand erect to savor the position of industry celebrity at international essence, the expert inside course of study thinks, the reason depends on them having his special brand “DNA” .
Above all, luyiweideng is respected highly and cherish oneself brand. Brand not only with its author path is easy - power the name that publish names, also acceded he goes after character, excelsior manner. The 2nd Dai Chuanren tall from Luyiweideng is treated - power ascend begin, its sequela increases new connotation for the brand ceaselessly. The 2nd for you the brand added international eye shot and touch. The 3rd generation Kasidu - power ascend brought for the brand again have deep love for the artistic, characteristic that pays attention to originality and innovation. Up to now, already acting Luyiweideng's familial 6 later generations had worked for the brand. In the meantime, it is familial later generations not only, connect each stylist that enter this familial business and other staff member to also must know Luyiweideng's history, true ground comprehends its peculiar “DNA” from which, and, the lieutenant general is run in the job and brand this kind of distinctive culture carries forward.
Another successful recipe of Luyiweideng are the feeling that do one's best builds ” of family of a kind of “ for exalted client. Can you imagine Yiweidengke to maintain permanently with be being offerred for the client serve? Lu Yiwei ascends the product of the brand to be able to pass mom by grandmother, mom sends a daughter again, can take the place of acting according to legend, whatever moment you take the product repair conserve, brand shop is with one one's heart of ground of there is no shirking the responsibility endeavors to give help. Let a 3 generation can have the product of a brand continuously, this is very great to the continuance meaning of vitality of a brand.
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