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Enlighten abstruse Christian Dior brand introduces
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Father: Christian Dior stylist: Jialiyanuo designs a concept: Beautiful, elegant
· of the Si Ting in the gram enlighten abstruse (abbreviation CD) , it is dazzle all the time beautiful advanced the pronoun of female outfit. He chooses high-grade luxuriant, excellent fabrics to show those who glow is dazzling, luxuriant with decorous female outfit, times get attention of fashionable dress bound. He is successive France is advanced the tradition of female outfit, hold advanced and luxuriant design line from beginning to end, charge for the making of sth. is careful, those who cater to brownstone mature female is aesthetic savour, the highest spirit of culture of indicative French fashionable dress, the card is in Diaopin Parisian position is extremely tall.
Enlighten abstruse by praise one of stylist with the most outstanding this century. 1905, enlighten abstruse be born in French Normandy family of a proprietor of an enterprise, the expectation of person of Home Ceng Yin, be engaged in learning at politics, aesthetic changes direction because of individual be fond of eventually after, got acquainted with Picasso, Ma Di this, the painter such as Dali. Began to be 1935 " Feijialuo signs up for " make a picture, ever still sold oneself fashionable dress painting in Parisian street with the price of every pieces of 20 franc. Joined in 1938 Luobaitepikai (Robert Piquet) company, hold the post of assistant stylist. Worked together with Piaierbaerman 1942, right now he mastered the skill of the respect such as dress design and structure. 1946, enlighten abstruse a series of work ——“ that roll out are new scene ” makes his become famous overnight achieve instant fame. Next his design sends irremediable: Asymmetry skirt, perpendicular model dress, O, A, Y, H, tulip, arrow …… this design that a series of showing originality, let him make go in fashionable foremost station eventually. He is in Paris fashionable dress bound in 10 years of plod, parisian female outfit produced the change that find everything new and fresh to detail from whole.
1947, enlighten abstruse the Leimenmakesi of United States be awardinged award (Neiman Marcus Award) , 1950, france issues his “ honor again merit round ” decoration (Remise De La Legion D'honneur) . 1957, enlighten abstruse because heart disease is broken out,die in Italy.
Enlighten abstruse not only the position that makes Paris restored fashionable center after the Second World War, still helped advance somebody's career single-handed two famous design Great Masters: Peel · blocks red, emperor of Yi Fu · · Luo Lang. Enlighten abstruse company also from this new personality times, be in just about writing of wave of Shengluolang, mark, Fei Lei, and of the outstanding design such as Yaohanjialiyanuo fall hard in succession, when up to now when, enlighten abstruse this brand still is people reliance, pursuit, no matter be dress, skin,be being provided still is cosmetic, perfume.
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