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Brand of Jin Lilai Goldlion introduces
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Chairman of group of Jin Lilai of golden interest cause Dr. Ceng Xianzi founds in 60 time. His resort hardworking and thrifty of sincere letter play style, make Jin Lilai produces the mill of domestic type handiwork of cravat by original sheet, development up to now enterprise of celestial border sex, Hong Kong appears on the market company. 1968, ceng Xianzi is alone come to Hong Kong, do poineering work by 6000 yuan, rely on to write an a scissors, sewing machine, with the perseverance with one firm and persistent antrum, stepped its to found famous brand, the road of development career.

1969 to 70 years, jin Lilai brand is registered in Hong Kong and Singapore early or late hold water. By come seventies at the beginning of 80 time, the product that Jin Lilai sells is expanded by onefold cravat the skin to high grade vogue is provided quickly reach a man to deserve to act the role of, begin to extend business to China and southeast Asia and other places. In June 1992, limited company of Jin Lilai group is registered in Hong Kong hold water, of the same age hangs out his shingle formally in September in bourse of Hong Kong combination appear on the market (share number: 533) . Jin Lilai production, manage and concessionary the product that manage includes compensate of shirt, T-shirt, business suit, pants, machine, sweater, cravat, portfolio, leather case, Xiaopi, decorations of leather belt, hardware, briefs, sock, leather shoes, gem. Jin Lilai confrontations to measure and savour the pursuit of a not stick to, established Jinlilai to come in the position of international dress bound for years, go in the front of tide.

Official website: Http://www.goldlion-china.com/

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