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Address of brand shop of Jin Lilai Goldlion
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[Hong Kong] Jin Lilai of limited company of Jin Lilai group (far east) limited company
Address: In a steady stream of small drop of Hong Kong sanded cropland is suitable surround 13-15 mark center of Jin Lilai group 7 words building
Phone: (852) 2686 0666

[Guangzhou city] Jin Lilai (China) limited company
Address: Sports of area of Guangzhou city the Milky way east 138 Jinli come to the road digital network large building 16 buildings
Phone: (8620) 3878 1688

[Asia] Goldlion Enterprise (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Address: 161 Kampong Ampat #02 - 03 Goldlion Building Singapore 368329
Phone: (65) 6284 2828

[Guangzhou city] Guangdong victory comes the skin has limited company
Address: Guangzhou city is spent garden of industry of money of Ou Jinghu highway 33 A ridgepole 2
Phone: 020-61812888

[Guangzhou city] Goldlion of Guangzhou fashionable general merchandise
Address: Road of the Milky way of area of Guangzhou city the Milky way 611 fashionable general merchandise

[Guangzhou city] Goldlion of general merchandise of well of Guangzhou king government office
Address: The road below Guangzhou city aricultural general merchandise of well of 40 king government office

[Guangzhou city] Guangzhou beautiful square
Address: Road of Guangzhou city the Milky way 228 beautiful square

[Guangzhou city] inn of square of Guangzhou dimension much benefit
Address: Guangzhou city sports on the west road square of 101 dimension much benefit 4 buildings

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