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Mansion jewelry company may be endured at any time punish
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The jewelry company of Xiamen took care! Reporter yesterday interlinks consortium of management a person of same business to learn from union of Xiamen town trade, although " commerce is concessionary management regulations " already came on stage nearly one year, but Xiamen still presses a regulation to sign up for equipment without company of a jewelry up to now. According to relevant regulation, these did not put on record the enterprise may is in at any time with the 50 thousand amerce to 100 thousand yuan.
Department of Commerce constituted the basis last year " commerce is concessionary management regulations " , concessionary business ought to conclude the day of concessionary management contract rises 15 days first oneself inside, to business affairs director branch puts on record; Had pursued the concessionary trade of concessionary management activity before byelaw applies, ought to be in to business affairs director branch puts on record before May 1 this year. Otherwise, to putting on record enterprise general can be in with 10 thousand yuan of above 50 thousand yuan fine below, the place that still does not put on record to exceed the time limit 50 thousand yuan of above 100 thousand yuan of the following amerce.
Does “ have such regulation? We do not know ah ” , “ knows to have this regulation, but ” of not clear and specific content, amount to of shop of the gem of Xiamen, jade article is not little, a street has Zhongshan way near 30, be absent even locksmith among them a few. Nevertheless, the reporter visits Zhongshan region yesterday when store of many gem jewelry, those who get is the answer that such fumbling.
The personage that interlinks consortium of management a person of same business says, appeared before a few years diddle of a lot of enterprises joins in the incident of business money, still “ of ill will of a few enterprises encircles money ” , join in condition and acceptance not agree with etc, damaged the reputation that whole chain manages, the comes on stage to have a standard to whole market undoubtedly action of new rules.
As we have learned, business newspaper equipment is not active, do not understand relevant provision besides partial enterprise outside, the punishment that because byelaw is medium,returns sets and did not carry out truly. To this, consortium of chain management a person of same business reminds say, do not punish unexpectedlying flavour to wear now do not punish, when ” of blacklist of “ be includinged by relevant section, again anxious but late, answer because of this enterprise as soon as possible signs up for equipment actively.

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