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Association of stylist of Hong Kong gem holds water
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Association of stylist of Hong Kong gem held water formally on September 20, 2008. Start conference member by 8 enthusiastic, stylist of crackajack this locality gem is comprised, every all enjoy negative great reputation at jewelry industry, the originality that is dedicated to driving Hong Kong to become international designs platform.

Advisory committee of association of stylist of Hong Kong gem comes from art, culture research, gem design, craft, academia and gemmology each bounds are other and professional personage, they include: Gold of Zhou Dafu gem carries out trustee Mr He Baitao all right, hong Kong diamond always meets gentleman of appropriate of chairman Ma Yong, chairman of association of Hong Kong stylist (2002-2004) Mr Xie Zhirong, hong Kong manage is versed in the university designs prexy Prof. Lorraine Justice, manufacturer of manufacturing industry of Hong Kong jewelry meets project adviser Dr. Shao Weizhong, xia Jia manages and partner of Founder attorney office Mr Cai Yangde and director of association of Hong Kong gemmology hold reputation treasurer Miss Liang Yongen concurrently, mutual compare notes is discussed, advance jointly reach development mainland gem to design an industry.

Of association establish the tenet is to be mainland and abroad gem stylist to provide platform, the hope is confluent reach include different industry just reachs originality only, let different setting, the skill that the public figure that has talent undertakes communicating different culture and shares each other creates experience. Meanwhile, raise industry and public to be opposite the acknowledge of principle concept and support, design industry for gem, bring the inspiration with new more and new thinking. For young the gem stylist of one belt, make the arena that shows talent. In the meantime, stylist association sends designing institute school actively to maintain close together connection with different artistic organization, hold regularly discuss meeting and plan of communication exchange visits, release course of study inside before the design of look up sex and tide forecast information to wait, reach the personage inside course of study to offer sufficient creation to consult for students.

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