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Thailand is beginning to expand external gem headgear export trade
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As we have learned, gem headgear circumstance exports Thailand this year good, 7 first months, gem and headgear export total value 4.5 billion dollar, amount to 1, 40 billion an ancient unit of weight, climb litre 7% . Commercial department and Thailand gem and jewelry trade association are forecasted, gem and headgear export value will exceed 6.4 billion dollar this year, amount to 2, 50 billion an ancient unit of weight.
Before at present Thailand gem exports the forehead to rank the whole world 5 big one of, its gem headgear basically outputs the market still is Japan, United States, Europe, China and India.
Evaluate according to concerning personnel, thailand gem headgear exported foreground 2008 good, the increase rate of export total value is expected to amount to 10-15% , the forehead is spent for 2, 200-2, 50 billion an ancient unit of weight.
Well-known, at present Japan becomes the world's main gem headgear to consume a country with stronger purchasing power, and Thailand distributor is beginning to consider nowadays and adopt appropriate market to enter the strategy, include to if where,understand the structure is complex go up with detailed Japanese market, the culture that undertakes negotiating with day trade and formal, be opposite in order to enlarge Thailand gem headgear the export trade of Japanese market.

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