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Colour of excessive of central gem time greets National Day
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intense upgrade the central bazaar in transforming is horological headgear bazaar, will with brand-new appearance greets 11 ” of this “ to grow a holiday. As 6 blessing, Jin Zhizun, Xie Ruilin, tide grand base those who wait for mature brand is brand-new appear, add the chiliad with growing good in last few years impetus emerald green auger, of the star of millennium into halt, make central gem bazaar is become Nanjing and even provincial the gem major of the first of all of area of most powerful, dimensions sells brand battle array.
Additional, the ” of scholarly family of emerald brand “ with Nanjing at present highest grade market also will be driven in “ bazaar of the centrally before 11 ” opens ark first degrees. Brand-new appear on nature little not big card people heavyweight “ supports ” . During National Day, bazaar parlor section is lapidary in the center of Zhou Dafu kind, pearl kind, diamond kind kinds or types of goods, direct on the foundation of a price derate 10% , all K gold kind, platinic gold kind kinds or types of goods, direct derate 15% . Diamond of 6 blessing gem is enjoyed 88 lose privilege, gold is enjoyed 96 fold, platinic gold marks a price kinds or types of goods is enjoyed 85 fold. Guest of fulfil of the practice after storefront of bright card headgear is decorated, 28 days of practice buy bright card before that day 10 times to enchase adorn taste or buy Sujinman 2000 yuan, give value 120 yuan gold way way connects hand chain. Roll out 5 classical beauty to get everyday, 0 profit are sold. Radar watch, buy an unit price to outstrip 50000 yuan watch fund, give value a; buys 2598 yuan new money IPODtouch(16G) either fund unit price is 25000-50000 yuan watch money, give value 1298 yuan new money IPODnano.

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