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Africa discovers nearly 500 carat are gotten in vain
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According to foreign media coverage, jim diamond company confirms 21 days, they all alone in African south Lai the miner that asks kingdom discovered one of the biggest diamond on the world, the approximately perfect Bai Zuan with a nearly 500 heavy carat.
This company makes a statement say, colliers were strapping the exploitation that join mine to come out this diamond on September 8. The big diamond that the experts of Antwerp discover anew to this undertakes analytic discovering, this getting weighs 478 carat, contain impurity scarcely, and color and purity all are excellent. This company says: It may become “ the biggest D on the history is lubricious diamond of top class finished product. ”
Strap joining is one of the most productive diamond mine on the history, the whole world 20 the biggest originate in this 4 times when get formerly, among them 3 the biggest be being gotten formerly discover in this century. But, a spokesman of Jim diamond company says, before cut shapes, evaluate this diamond very hard, he says, a color and purity a bit second similar diamond is the closest by with work off of 12 million dollar. Aifeike says · of Li Fude of general manager gram of Jim diamond company: “ but primary examine discovery, this diamond of new discovery will be the finished product diamond of optimal color and purity, can break world record. ”
Laisuotuo is the kingdom of a poor country that is located in south Africa the eastpart part, rich chancellery covers this state Moniyanei · Molailaiji joins mine to strapping (one of highest diamond mine on the world, altitude many meters 3000) productivity is profuse in praise. He says: “ is strapped join the faculty that proved it produces highest grade diamond again, ranglaisuotuo continues to be in diamond to produce national forward position. ” straps ginseng mine the share of 70% puts in Jim diamond company 's charge all, the share of 30% puts in Lai all alone 's charge to ask a government.
At present the biggest diamond is famous “ on the world Kulina ” diamond, this getting discovered in south Africa 1905, weigh 3100 much carat, be become by cut after stone of many 100 bradawl, among them a lot of window that became British crown to go up.

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