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China Construction Bank Platinum Credit Card Diamond Golf Tournament wonderfu
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In October, China Construction Bank Platinum Credit Card Diamond • Golf Tournament (Hefei Station) at 22 yuan a Golf Club in Hefei sky. China Construction Bank, Diamond / Platinum credit card holders, more than 70 people gathered in the high-end customers Shuangfeng beautiful lake, where staged a wonderful golf feast. This reporter has learned, self-built line of Diamond • Platinum credit card has been available to "the highest credit limit, the highest aviation accident insurance, airport VIP lounge services, the most comprehensive, up golf networking event, a maximum rebate incentives, and the best value card services subsidiary" entrepreneurial in six of the "best" to give the cardholder with a card valued experience. The annual Diamond / Platinum Credit Card Golf Tournament gets underway since May 2008 has already gone through 2 years, and toured extensively all over Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 30 cities, a golf enthusiasts demonstrate their skills to the Friends Club platform, but also attract more and more successful people become CCB Diamond / Platinum credit card holders. Entry number of customers increased year by year, significantly improved total more than 3,000 high-end customer experience in the race CCB thoughtful, meticulous service, and therefore Tournament full of praise.
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