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ENZO "Love Twist" Diamond Series grand Listing
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Love is the constant theme of the melody of life, whether of their own little love, cherish family, friends or the love of the natural, social fraternity. Love makes life perfect, interpretation, or melodious, or the atmosphere, or sweet music. As a woman, love yourself, love and be loved, then the achievements of the most moving chapter in this melody. In the season of love is getting stronger, many flower became fruit of love, color jewelry authority has launched a new brand ENZO "Love Twist" diamond series, as the world every love cheers. ENZO "Love Twist" series of 18K gold fine texture selected material, through careful design and a perfect combination of innovative design, its simple and elegant, subtly changing the United States, is fully compliant with the times. Rich texture of the gold weight, coupled with careful cutting a small drill, showing a perfect fusion of superb technology, 3D stereo design, highlights the unique temperament. In this season of love, "Love Twist" for you to sublimate the most beautiful chapter in the beauty of love will show exhaustive. NEW ENZO "Love Twist" series, from earrings, pendants, rings the perfect combination, named "Whisper", "hearts" and "Friends." Love Spin - whisper Two diamond-covered spiral to the heart to the main drill, as if the two melody spread in the air, the final intersection in the ear, spectrum and spin out. When two overlapping melodies, both feel themselves, but also from my expression, but also achievements in the wisdom of love. Spin concentration of both inward and outward diffusion, as if to talk about the philosophy of love and be loved; rotation caused by the strong dynamic style, so wear a "whisper" of the woman is not only self-confidence and love, and between color diamonds in the fire against the backdrop of more agile. Love Spin - chord Diamond pieces and mix and match elements of gold, while clever fusion arc elements. "Chord" pendant in the visual effect of increasing the change of the jump, wearing the charm of moving up and highlights the lively. Changes in the natural, flowing lines the design, reflected in the vibrant and exquisite and delicate. The periphery of the whole round, meaning a complete, formal occasions to wear, it is more of a dignified and elegant, and awesome gas field. "Chord" as if wandering chest notes, such as the winter sun, warm and bright. This love and tolerance are the most infectious melodies secret. Love Spin - Concert To each other, is the "Salon" men and women who want to express love to love guidance. Two different hand in life because of fate accompanied to spend life. Abandoned the monotonous and dull design, 3D stereo, so that "Friends" diamond ring full of clever and vitality. If wearing a wedding ring, it is to add more of a love and happiness. Spiral shape design reflects the beauty lingering human love, but also symbolizes the good life on the bright vision of the future. Salon is looking for goals, but also love the guidelines. "Friends" in perfect harmony, happiness in life is the climax of the melody.
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