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Each carat diamond shopping centers and opening new stores
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U.S. per carat (Beijing) China's first diamond mall stores - Bell Temple of Kun Square opening will be December 18. Each carat diamond shopping mall located in the heart of the Lufthansa-SOLANA SOLANA international business area, business area of nearly ten thousand square meters, is China's jewelry industry associations assured demonstration of the specified shopping malls, China Consumer Protection Foundation, a national re-commitment to keep promotion units of credit consumer confidence, is by far the largest professional diamond retail mall, the largest species, the optimal price, quality, secure, known, is the industry leader in diamond sales. Mainly engaged in diamond jewelry shopping, including the sale of finished ornaments, personalized ornaments custom, ornaments and other business and buy back offer consumers jewelry appraisal, inspection, maintenance and other services. The original Diamond direct sales model, through the normal procurement channels of professional buyers from the world where the direct purchase of diamonds, reducing the middleman to maximize cost savings for the customer to achieve customer satisfaction. Commitment to sell mall every diamond jewelery products have national Center for Quality Supervision, Inspection State Inspection Certificate issued by the authority, authority officials can check product details online identification results, and strictly to ensure product quality. Jewellery and shopping malls and the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to take the strategic cooperation, combining the strengths and settled in the country to check the mall's commitment to abide by the customer.
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