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Golden dragon gem: Shallow talk about gold development
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Perhaps result from because of hair of the Chinese nation the Huanghe valley, or compatriots warms to yellow the feeling of complacently has a special liking then, those who be in China thousands of years is feudal and regnant in, below the praise highly of Confucianism, what yellow had in the extreme is exalted (if imperial robe is of yellow) , especially the dream that gold jewelry became every woman.

But, the person that joins gem nearly 34 years to exhibit has a the same feeling, white (either K gold is silver-colored) , make gold in Guangdong can be counted on one's fingers! What reason be? Why is gold jewelry had deep love for from a compatriots became an unexpected winner?

The reason is very much! The promotion that has concept of ab extra culture (the diamond constant that is like Daibiersi is ages ago, one always stays pass) , the factor that has popularity (platinum is acted the role of and gold act the role ofing always is being worn repeatedly) , the sale that has us is engineered (if advertisement is little little) , but I want to talk about next designs to develop only here, always feel gold jewelry is changed by edge ground fall back on prefectural class little wall, there is the power of decamp greatly in coastal country even, development not do one's best has what cannot promote drive duty.

From course of study old, with the person of the same trade gold speaks of when prattle, be obliged, that is to say plays will play those who go having grass of some of beautiful flowers and plants only, do not have new meaning, be like shadowboxing, the grandfather played grandchildren. Regrettablly what we do is headgear, go with tide, have to change. The person that because the support of the people of this beautiful beautiful carelessly is bought 10 years ago,buys this to spend grass of flowers and plants now is different, thought careful is beautiful different. So present design development wants with when all is entered, the model that cannot adopt the past again does today's jewelry business. The pure gold of this bit of Taiwan is done very well, although the competition over there is approximate brutal, but they captured vogue, do very stick, very reach the designated position. Here the fixed position that somebody says us is different, what we do is the business of person of more than 30 years old, and the business that what they do is person of more than 20 years old, we cannot go with them. Say very rightly, and the sale in the exhibition hall also can prove. But why so? What do because of us is the business of prefectural class town that edge turns, we abandoned edge sea area this the biggest consumption group!

But do there is that firm abandon of one's own accord? That commodity agrees to abandon this the biggest, most is potential consumed group? Be ” of helpless “ long march! Because the design is not to be them of this group of people, can you ask they are favorite how again your product?

As the development of Chinese economy, the city is changed already was a trend. What reason not do one's best do we have to contend for this consumption group? Marshall has this book, cry " lose China " . If we do not strive it is to lose coastal, as the past of time, lose the market then.
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