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Shanghai old Feng Xiang is presiding impression of Jing of stylist the Song Dyna
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Song Jing

Song Jing is engaged in headgear designing, the target is very specific. She thinks, ” of “ happy headgear will be popular. She says, the person needs joy to need sun as the plant. The world of dispute is full of in this, joy became the longing of people. Of “ joy is fashionable ” . From this, can reach ” of “ happy headgear will be popular.

She says, to a small girl of 78 years old, wild flower of an a leaf, roadside, let its caper with respect to enough; And for the big girl that is opposite 8 years old seventeen, a beautiful ginkgo leaf, rose ability makes her glad; Grow when the girl, 40 years old, she is likely more like a few do manual work delicate, have decorations of the beautiful form of fair value, leaf form; For the woman that is having rich life experience to those 559 years old, the decorations that always can make them young, beautiful, happy, especially headgear of those exaggerated of colourful, modelling, became their first selection ……

This shows, everybody is endless and identical to the understanding of “ happy ” , “ happy ” also is very of individual character.

A headgear decorated you, make you beautiful, you are happy; This headgear adorned you, make you young, you are happy also; It can let you loosen, pleasurable, you are happier; It can let the past of your recall happiness, you won't be joyless, it makes you look forward to to was full of, you affirm joy; It still protects you restful and lucky, bring to you lucky, you do not have reason more joyless.

End of Jing of the Song Dynasty says, we have reason to believe: This headgear suits you today, make you happy, it is best vogue to you; Again popular headgear, do not suit you today, cannot make you happy, when be not being had to you passable character. In “ joy the big banner of fashionable ” of headgear ” this “ issues us to will return to nature.

Let experts share pleasure

Song Jing thinks to attend headgear to design the game, offer design work to basically let expert, commissioners look to go up, in be being chosen. The work of bear the palm also makes experts share pleasure.

Song Jing with its tender and meticulous inspiration, natural and concise style, its work obtains domestic and international headgear to design big award for many times. Have among them: " female Wa filling day " obtain Chinese arts and crafts to taste “ first prize of ” of 100 beautiful award; " citric " obtain headgear of Hong Kong pure gold to design the game optimal design award; " mark " obtain headgear of Chinese pure gold to design match champion; " years old year old restful " obtain headgear of the 4th Shanghai to read extensively first prize; " gold is beautiful " obtain “ SHINE ablaze gold to act the role of design contest ” to come honour ablaze award …… among them, in eternity of Asian “ millennium ” headgear designs a contest to win honor big award, it is stylist of heretofore China headgear top on work of international gold jewelry prize. Work of this international big award " tender feelings " still publish association of alive bound gold to compile and print " win a prize work introduction " cover and back cover. All publish adorn " tender feelings " act the role of tasted photograph. What commissioners of it serves to show are admired to its and be happy to recommend is affectionate.
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