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Ren Jin: Hainan jewelry industry should walk along high end
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Ren Jin:

Was graduated from department of Beijing University geochemistry 1984, bed of Chinese geological university learned a doctor 1992; Currently hold the post ofdeputy dean of college of gem of Chinese geological university, chamber of commerce of industry of jewelry of countrywide business association reachs deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese treasure jade, have " headgear designs a foundation " , " business is designed with headgear " wait for a book.

Although be first time to Hainan, but with the acumen that in home company of numerous and famous jewelry holds the position of presiding stylist, deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese treasure jade allows to enter a doctor still is discovered 3 inferior the crucial point that with big talk industry of two ground jewelry exists. I can talk about “ my true view. ” a few days ago, a suit is recreational the Ren Jin that dress up, reporter of jump at our newspaper is exclusive special interview.

Fixed position of big talk market forbids

Reporter (the following abbreviation writes down) : Arrive for the first time 3 inferior with big talk, what impression does local jewelry industry leave to you?

Ren Jin (the following abbreviation holds the post of) : 3 inferior it is a city that gives priority to with travel, so gem owner also should be to face travel market, give priority to in order to sell pearl and crystal. Such mode is opposite apparently big talk is improper, now big talk market company of a few jewelry, it is almost from 3 inferior of travel market name, sale pearl crystal also is merely in the inn of big talk. But big talk actually more it is market of a citizen, of need is a dinkum gem bazaar, the citizen is right the demand of gem more it is gold of diamond, K, halcyon, not intense instead to containing the pearl that originates in this locality and crystal requirement.

Write down: This is occurrence problem of fixed position of oneself of company of this locality jewelry probably.

Allow: Company of this locality jewelry is almost from travel market name, so very much likelihood locates him namely be company of jewelry of travel company and rather than. Corresponding ground also also locates the gem product such as management pearl, crystal for travel commodity.

Also because such, hainan is like here to do not have jewelry industry to the feeling of industry. The year after year that at present company of jewelry of a batch of this locality travels as Hainan warms up, also achieved very good progress, now is new probably when searching its to return to the road of jewelry industry.

The product lacks distinguishing feature

Write down: The Kunming that you hold the position of presiding stylist the company austral 7 pink clouds, approbate above all, become the jewelry company with one property famous group again now, be in Beijing even such high-end market also scored a success, this should have to Hainan jewelry company draw lessons from a meaning.
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