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Xu Jinglei suffers brand of world top class gem take seriously
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On the red rug of 100 beautiful prize that just rings down the curtain before long afore, xu Jinglei appears with an ivory late outfit. This old Xu Jinglei is ascended again long other prize-giving ceremony holds the position of a honored guest to uphold the dignity, got necessarily the world the attention of brand of each big top class gem. Most person perhaps did not arrive alertly, this Xu Jinglei chose Cartier(Kadeya) of the brand new ” of series of orchid of one season “ is advanced gem, the orchid that sets full diamond is in cervical and silent blossom, the temperament with peaceful elegant scholar shows just like him Xu Jinglei. Delicate design is more Xu Jinglei with cannot the high temperament of square content is shown without involuntary discharge of urine, your whole red blanket spot is full of decorous breath.

It seems that no matter Xu Jinglei attends each size communal circumstance, there is no lack of the assistance of world top class luxury. Besides, xu Jinglei still holds the Dai Yan identity of several international big card concurrently personally. Regard domestic a gleam of as the Xu Jinglei of actor, no matter be manufacturing industry of luxury industry, automobile, still be the figure that food industry is having her. The Xu Jinglei with low-key all along more and more get each are big of the manufacturer chase after eagerly hold in both hands, receive Dai Yan naturally to receive be irresolute when firmness is needed.

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