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President interview: Name of 3 big brands is expressed
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Treasure Ji: The president also makes market promotion

Treasure Ji most the long history that those who take great pride is the its tradition craft that make. How is wristwatch of “ treasure Ji designed 200 years ago, to now still continue to use this kind of craft. Sale of China of ” treasure Ji and market manager Wei Meiwei introduce. In the opening ceremony that day, jin Matian also comes to the vice-president of treasure Ji China and Thailand area to the spot. When the overview that the reporter asks about to treasure Ji is expressed, his demur does not say the watch unship that gets on wrist will introduce carefully. Jin Matian laugh says, reveal in this kind on the meeting, oneself also must be the watch of the company to make promotion like the salesperson. That day, this watch by him unship, explanation, wear repeated for many times. In the meantime, jin Matian still states treasure Ji returns what develop independence treasure Ji list to show an activity in Chongqing this year.

Bao Po: Price of the most expensive watch 700 much

Appearance comes from Swiss Bao Po to express, course of study of the state-operated in Bao Po and Liao Yu of mart vice president chose “ concise ” this word. As the world top class name expresses a brand, it looks to do not have costly feeling absolutely. Liao Yu says, the treasure Po watch that sells inside Chongqing inn at present has many 30, average price is in 11—15 ten thousand. “ is current, china's existing the most expensive watch also out treasure Po, the price is 700 much, it in Forbes global luxury name expresses seniority the 2nd. ” occupies the introduction, treasure Po watch is general by a master from A to Z completely handcrafted and into. And Bao Po has do not depend on at the characteristic of other watch: Same a Bao Po on the watch, can set the time of 3 different time zone. “ not only such, treasure Po watch returned a mark to go out most when the sun with accurate essence. ”

Gelasudi: Love to collect a watch most

“ Gelasudi is virgin the Germany 1845, it was held to German meticulous, rigorous traditional concept. ”21 day, case helps president of subregion of Su Di north Pan Jin radical introduces to the reporter, he is an enthusiastic renown watch lover, watch of top class name of many 10 world already was collected in the home, the 10 many top class brands such as the Gelasudi that goes to him company from eggplant of rice of treasure Ji, Europe by ” of his “ catch the whole lot in an action. The price of the list that I buy “ too won't tall, also be in on average 10 much look. This price that wears on the hand today is 90 thousand much. ” occupies Pan Jin radical to introduce, the company is being held commonly when showing an activity, metropolis requirement wears the watch that has a brand oneself, after the activity ends, still should go back. Stroke of Pan Jin radical wears the watch on wrist laughs say: “ does not have money to be bought regrettablly! ”
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