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Shenyang luxuriants growth Dai Shichang of China floor general manager: Make hea
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A few days ago, world gold association and Shenyang are famous gem is retail the enterprise luxuriants growth inn of China building gold held together 2008 “ only Jin Chunjin is acted the role of taste gold of *” yielding love to act the role of series to be tasted newly appear on the market activity.

Act the role of one of main enterprises that taste a sale as gold of city is in Shenyang, shenyang luxuriants growth when Dai Shichang of general manager of limited company of jewelry of jewelry of China building gold accepts a special report, expressed to be mixed to the enthusiasm that tastes newly expect.

Unscramble love
Brand and enterprise are made together classical

Reporter: This only gold of golden bullion high-quality goods acts the role of series to make work in Shen Fa, what kind of gold will bring to act the role of a concept to Shenyang city consumer?
Dai Shichang: Only gold of golden bullion high-quality goods acts the role of series to make work in Shen Fa, can regarding as is comprehensive to craft of product of traditional pure gold promotion start, also be the image that promotes a tradition golden act the role ofing with contemporary sale shift, the gold with adapting inherent consumer is acted the role of taste design the impression with onefold coarse charge for the making of sth. , bring customer of city giving Shenyang brand-new gold to act the role of a concept.
The close detail such as hollow out and beautiful arc is designed, ably two modelling of each different object echo combination rises, can evoke the good memory that Chinese heart depends on to gold affection.
Only golden high-quality goods presses a valuation, charge for the making of sth. to the sale mode with clever essence of delicate, meaning is being accepted by consumer gradually and foster the high quality consumption that belongs to his group.

Reporter: Compare with other brand photograph, only what is the place that can golden brand attract customer most?
Dai Shichang: Luxuriant growth inn of China building gold can make world gold society several years continuously only area of golden brand Shenyang appoints shopkeeper, there is the outstanding achievement of arrogant person in Shenyang area all the time, get continuously of world gold association commend, this sells the affirmation with best outstanding achievement to my inn namely. Only golden brand and other brand photograph are compared, the detail expression with the perfect band that can draw the place of consumer to should count its careful charge for the making of sth. , fashionable feeling and classic beauty most, clever essence, the management theme of this and enterprise happens to have the same view.

Illuminate love
Let affection become sale masterstroke

Reporter: “ makes the idea that loves *” very wide float, how do you let love *” to “ understand?
Dai Shichang: “ love ” is the most beautiful language from of old, love * really, big love is not had border, love lets all everythings on earth the glorious with clever infuse. Unadulterated love should be to come really pure to be apt to, those who be like gold is pure with colorful, what twinkle in Yi Yi is aureate in, show the warmth of love and faithful! “ loves the idea of ” greatly, it is to let me loved *” to have intuitionistic experience to “ more.
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