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Affect the factor of diamond value
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Recently, company of a jewelry of Shanghai rolled out 3% diamond appreciation to counter-purchase a product, namely the client is buying diamond of 0.5 carat above, after a year, want not to have injury only, can come true by shopping bill increase price the cash of 3% is counter-purchased. Businessman this action is He Yi after all, our for the moment does not guess, but the investment potential with tremendous diamond really be obvious to all. The diamond that is located in London according to headquarters popularizes a center (DTC) data shows, 10 years 1 carat diamond went up on average in the past amount to 18% , most be as high as 35% .

Go buying diamond to jeweller's, it is a very important way admittedly, but of agency layer upon layer increase price, make its invest value to be reduced greatly. Compare with this photograph, go all right to the auction one of main way that pan has made the whole world invest diamond however. The world's at present biggest coloured diamond, the pear form that hefts 407.48 carat is gotten, auctioned 1988 namely clinch a deal with 12.5 million dollar in the meeting. At present two sale of world go, su Fu is compared and beautiful person must be auctioned all is the diamond sale business with the mainest whole world all right, among them Su Fu is returned all right than the auction with world-renowned jeweller Sitanmeici (Stein-metz) collaboration rolled out diamond special performance to auction. From the point of the sale success 2005, two sale all have beautiful accomplishment to appear all right, among them the sale of highest grade gem that auction of Su Fu comparing has by last year all right is met on, an infrequent Xian Caifen is gules 10.31 carat diamond clinchs a deal valence is close 3.9 million dollar. Beautiful person got an auction to roll out a color to be D class all right, weight is the top class diamond of 50.01 carat, enchase go up in ring, clinch a deal valence exceeded 4.2 million dollar.

According to an international the market research of famous jeweller shows, 10 years ago, only a few meeting that buy the home is bought mark a price the gem of above of 10 million dollar, now the whole world such Mai Jiada goes to hundreds, the 1 million market to price of 5 million dollar was held by middle east person in the past, it is now in American hand. The high-quality goods diamond that 10 carat control, its price had risen in recent years 50% or 60% . From the point of the diamond auction of inland and Hong Kong and Taiwan, also be beautiful accomplishment frequency goes out these two years. Especially what Hong Kong Su Fu amounts to 88.88 carat than once auctioning a weight 2004 is giant completely beautiful quadrate diamond, clinch a deal finally with 42.2 million HK dollar.

From inside the analysis above, we can see, diamond is not pure quality heavier value is taller, still involve the element of square field surface among them. The to diamond value evaluation standard on international can be divided for color, weight, clean degree, cut worker worker 4 respects, only each respects all reach certain level, this diamond just has investment value. To the investor of broad inland, buy the diamond of 10 carat above unlikelily on weight, this is in with respect to need other 3 respects hold. 2004 the auction of boreal capital celestial bodies is met on, once had auctioned ring of a diamond, advocate get for diamond of a circle, weigh 1.2 carat, spend completely for VVS. Other diamond is 12 0.65 carat. At that time clinch a deal valence 74800 yuan, this price looks special still be to one's profit from now. This year of Chinese fine heart spring pat, caused investor attention to diamond ear hammer, among them hammer of ear of diamond of 2 anise square, a weight 2.23 carat, spend completely for VVS1; Additional a weight is 2.11 carat, spend VVS2 completely; The lubricious class of two diamond is I color. Clinch a deal valence is 407 thousand yuan.
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