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Recognize the 4 essential factor of diamond value correctly
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Weight is the chief factor that decides diamond value discretion, whether is diamond jewelry had keep a cost, appreciate function, basically depend on its 4C measures a level, grade jumps over tall diamond, its value is bigger also, have more keep a cost, appreciate function.

Beware error of ” of diamond “ producing area

A few years ago, ever listened to a friend to had said to have the thing that buys diamond to be deceived: Near bridge of Shanghai the Eight Immortals in the legend there is a glittering and translucent get rid of to appear in market of one small commodities, the “ natural Belgium that be richly bejewelled gets ” of Buddhist monastic discipline, go via denouncing counter-bid to be bought with ten thousand six hundred yuan price finally. However, this “ natural Belgium gets ” of Buddhist monastic discipline, make her foolish after the diamond expert appraisal via authoritative orgnaization eye, enchase the diamond with that cabinet exquisite on this ring so, neither is produced from Belgium, also do not belong to high quality diamond, then this social status that plunge drop drops greatly immediately.

The actor bad that differentiates diamond can make judgement with ” of “ producing area? The diamond expert of institute of Shanghai China gem ever said, although diamond has producing area not, but the cent that does not have the price. There are some of inn-keeper and individual vendor's stand now advocate, ” of ” of Belgium of “ of for private use of arrogate to oneself, “ south Africa or “ India ” are gotten name, this is apparent misdirect. Countries of these high production of so called in the past famous diamond, already basically did not have diamond now or only a few getting can extract, the national name that collects investor to cannot go up with diamond label only will decide the ” of “ social status of diamond, never be immersed in error of ” of diamond “ producing area.

In the meantime, the person that collect should seek advice to the expert more before buying high quality diamond, seek advice to authoritative branch. Look for the jeweller's that one family letter has gotten, the diamond that shop must offer authoritative branch to open classifications certificate.

Diamond value discretion sees 4 essential factor

The price of diamond is costlier, but the actor bad of quality and price differ tremendous. The to diamond value evaluation standard cent on international is color (Color) , weight (Caratweight) , spend completely (Clarity) , cut worker worker (Cut) 4 respects, the English word because of these 4 respects with “C” begin, so abbreviation 4 C standard.

The color of color diamond is very important, it is a of discretion of value of diamond of evaluation diamond quality, decision very main element. Generally speaking, regard lapidary class as diamond, be confined to transparent and colorless (white) , adjacent and colorless, small yellow, weak buff, buff (Brown) wait for a few kinds, in view of the importance of diamond color, the to diamond color grade classification on international is very strict also.
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