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The daily cleanness of diamond nurses
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How to maintain diamond, make it always keeps light. A bright and clean diamond has much better reflex line effect not only, and the diamond that can be infected with skin grease, soap, cosmetic and kitchen oily be soiled than those looks bigger. Diamond has caking property to grease, because every months of beard is washed, in order to retain its brightness.

The following method can recommend use:

Clean fluid is abluent law:

With a small bowl or teacup full-dress Wen Shui, right amount neuter cleaner closes in the attune in water. It is diamond dip in water, with tooth brush gently scrub sieve of a net wraps up reoccupy, wenshui is used to rinse below faucet, the flannelette do not have cotton that uses a softness finally is patted male can.

Law of cold water dip:

With a small bowl or teacup, right amount clear water and family expenses inferior water mixes Maniya, 30 minutes make an appointment with diamond dip in water, use a small brush next, control in diamond around gently scrub, brandish a little while in water again, take mop of the towel that use paper male can.

Clean a law quickly:

Buy the gem cleanness juice of a bottle of famous brand, along with adds given vessel, according to demonstrative catharsis diamond.

Other nurse the recipe of diamond: Still have a few recipe, can nurse for assisting them diamond. When doing chore, do not let diamond jewelry touch chloric bleacher, it won't damage diamond, but can make set hold in the palm fade or become angry. When wash a bowl or doing rough work, do not adorn diamond, although diamond is hard, but if depend on its,grain direction gets bang, may have damage. Take your diamond jewelry every year jeweller to be checked, examine set hold in the palm have deny a pine to take off with wear away, be secured to it afresh and polish.

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