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What does the commonnest false diamond have
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Diamond is high and luxurious adornment, the headgear that enchases natural diamond is the coronal of headgear. But, because diamond is exiguous and the price is costly, especially the diamond of largish bead, general person not dare make inquires. Then, glass will replace or risk the activity that weighs diamond even with cheap and lapidary, man-made gem secret the ground or open ground grow in intensity, the business of false diamond also increasingly apophysis came. According to the research of Mr Wang Shu and statistic, common mixed false diamond shares 13 kinds, introduce 7 kinds to be as follows now:

(1) glass: The false diamond that uses vitreous wear is distinguished very easily, because its refractive index is low, without true diamond the chromatic ray that the sort of twinkle, the person that has experience a bit looks to know. Additional, can contain a bowl of clear water with white china bowl, in pretending to be the colorless glasswork of diamond to overflow water, look namely not clear its outline, and true diamond is shadowy outline appears very clear in water.

(2) man-made pointed spar: The distinction of it and diamond is, lack aglimmer chromatic ray, its immerge in 2 iodic firedamp, also meet outline is ambiguous, and the outline of true diamond is very clear.

(3) crystal and topaz: These two kinds of natural and mineral transparent crystal, classics diamond also resembles a bit after considering, but lack aglimmer chromatic ray. And they are “ blame all plastid ” , and diamond is “ all plastid ” , with polarizing appearance distinguishs easily.

(4) man-made sapphirine: Colorless and transparent man-made sapphirine also can serve as the substitute of diamond after consider. But it is in “ disappears almost in ” of 2 iodic firedamp disappear, and the brim of true diamond is dark black, very clear.

(5) zircon: Before zirconia of man-made cubic metre appears, zircon is first-rate diamond substitute.

Zircon has very strong birefraction, namely it has two refractive index, and the difference between two refractive index is bigger. From this and produced a kind of very special optical phenomenon, when the zircon arris range that should have considered with magnifier observation is lapidary, by its end face can be seen bottom face and crest line have apparent double picture. And because diamond is “ all plastid ” , phenomenon of absolutely incomparable shadow.

(6) man-made rutile: Rutile is a kind common natural and mineral, its composition is titanium dioxide, the refractive index as a result of it (2. 61—2. 90) than diamond (2. 42) even tall, reason considers to bright and dazzling glitter can appear after gem, and can appear the change like rainbow, appear very beautiful. Regrettablly is, natural rutile is opaque completely almost, so company of estate of lead of ability classics United States was made above all 1947 gave man-made rutile. Among them colorless and transparent person use as diamond substitute or sham article, its colourful glitter exceeded true diamond, often be called “ is multicoloured get ” or “ gets ” 5 kinds. But because rutile has intense refractive index, reason and zircon are same, the remarkable double movie that can see bottom crest line from end face with magnifier, reason is easy distinguish with diamond.
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