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The gets ring price of 1 carat
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For the most part smuggling comes over domestic diamond, processing factory of jewelry of main jobber diamond is in Guangzhou, gem is usury embellish industry, general bazaar sells plunging drop is cost price case 2.5 times - 3 times between. And a few big brands or the word price of international brand is more expensive.

Grow the gem distributors that see with home lucky favour is the price plunging drop with a lubricious I of level of 1 carat VVS to be hit fold in 8-10 the gem distributors 6-8 of the 10 thousand essay cards with general left and right sides 10 thousand can take. (I am in Beijing east install saw with one's own eyes of market work time to see a person threw one case in lucky favour valence is beautiful in the morning 120 thousand bought 2 1 carat to plunge drop, but may be lucky him favour allegedly hold in the palm, because bazaar has sale job. Because bazaar has sale job..

And the diamond gem jobber of color of I of level of VVS of an one carat gets the price then naked get the price specific between 35000-40000 difference still is in cut worker worker.

The craft of diamond is a bullshit actually, now domestic diamond is the machine is ground provide an example, the machine does, any design want jeweller to see appearance can rise the following day only board, batch treatment comes out. The gem processing factory of Guangzhou plunges drop female drop a labour expends 50 yuan, a labour expends male give up 120 yuan.

The cost price of give up of finished product getting is: Naked get price gold to expend (precious metal charge) cost price of labor cost =

The cost price 35000(that calculates lubricious diamond of VVS I of a 1 carat to you is naked get the price) one carat of 1000(general PT950 gets Buddhist monastic discipline to need 2.5 Ke Bo gold to increase loss 360 or so one gram) 200=36200

It is such appearance almost won't exceed 2000 yuan up and down

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