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The value assess that colour gets
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The glamour of chromatic diamond comes from at distinctive and rare colour, the degree of rich and gaudy of the chromatic rare sexual of diamond and color decided the value of chromatic diamond ` , the color of chromatic diamond is rarer, taller value also exceeds color order and degree tall, thicker, degree of saturation jumps over color tall, value is taller also. Spend the element that waits for evaluation diamond with cut, weight to not be the factor that considers above all completely. Chromatic diamond value with rare gules series highest, blue and green series take second place, the value lowest of black diamond.

In the life with much colorful appearance, the chromatic diamond of profusion brings bright good intention feeling for people, might as well collect a few rare color diamond, to have deep love for the eternity with oneself and the friend the most wonderful tarry of the life.

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