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Classical everlasting Kadeya is tasted newly (group plan)
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The classical series that is a mark with screw is Kadeya in the work with best-selling whole world. This year, kadeya develops ” of “ gem emperor again endless creativity, with a series of brand-new bracelets, ring and necklace, the legend that continuance loves, or China colour vigorous, or concise and lively, clever design, exquisite idea, delicate with perfect balance is achieved between atmosphere.


The price: 17, put on sale of 700RMB (set limit to)


The price: 58, put on sale of 000RMB (set limit to)

The series of color of China colour — of love

It is design inspiration with chromatic gem, the chromatic gem bracelet with newest series and ring discharge listed and gorgeous rainbow colour with a variety of high grade gem, delicate and charming the person of transfer order of bright light color that is about to drip is defied hard. Be permeated with the design of green breath, happily compose gives wonderful and pleasant air, advocate of all the time is worn the sweetness of love. Money of set limit to of stone of two kinds of colour is worth the beautiful of collect carefully to taste more.


The price: 45, 500RMB


The price: 17, 000RMB

“ big ” loves lasting — especially big measures

Kadeya is the series of especially big measures that the man rolls out technically, line is contracted, strong cruel and handsome, show the in relief firm aesthetic feeling of grade male, do not break Kadeya again at the same time particular delicate with only beautiful. No matter gold still is platinum, no matter compose with diamond, classical screw mark all makes a person impressive, all show fashion.


The price: 280, 000RMB

Love is set closely in glaring — auger

Of screw design set completely get newest work, yi of bright diamond Yi is unripe brightness, exquisite enchases craft your diamond glows, the brightness of glaring love. The bracelet that is the same as series and necklace hand the classical and aesthetic idea that give, be what get work to setting is brand-new deduce, body reveals intense style, reveal decorous and showily temperament.
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