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Costly plunge drop: Finger tip causes focus giving looking glass (group plan)
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Inspiration comes from mysterious black, with blue, purple, red, add the unreal variety that is like aurora borealis, bring a black firm in the mass-tone with soft belt, chart gives the ray of distinctive and strange unreal. Colorful crystal and pure bowknot modelling make a person admire.

Platinum sets Bvlgari Bao Geli get ring

The metal feels extremely strong, with diamond union is together, appear firm soft and aid.

Dior enlighten abstruse leaf ring

Ring of big leaf of gray of feeling of aerospace of this modelling exaggerated, adorned broken get He Gongbao stone, let you be cast in raise one's hand sufficient it is the focus in everybody eye.

Ring of LOGO of Gucci Gu Chi

Have silver and gold, rose gold 3 kinds of color, the LOGO of GUCCI enchases meantime.

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