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Ba Ka pulls Baccarat brand to introduce
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Bakala (Baccarat) is the luxury brand with famous France, the magnificent that its produce and celebrated of all kinds and crystal curiosa has pervaded world each district, become celebrated, exalted pronoun.

This world-renowned crystal brand that the name is Baccarat, sufferred Louie 1764 15 concessionary found, its luxuriant ray gained the favour of nobles of emir of world each country, be known as “ Wang Hou people crystal ” . The Baccarat high-quality goods that pass years edify be pregnant with and goes out becomes French culture to have representative famous brand product, the bear the palm on the world exposition that is in French Paris and very much other exposition. And the achievement of Baccarat never stops, its design concept and when all is entered, and never-ending.

Baccarat(Ba Ka is pulled) 1764 France holds water, it is the brand with long history. 18 centuries, baccarat is the scenery inside area of Lorraine of French the eastpart part beautiful, the dorp of stand aloof from the worldly affairs. At that time Metz bishop (application of Bishop Of Metz) , and by law king 15 drive allow Louie found. Came 1812 the Napoleon battle 1815 (Napoleonic Wars) , make it get into trouble. 1815, the master Aime-Gabriel D’Artigues of Voneche of another famous glasshouse bought French north Baccarat, continued decorous savour, reach begin to study crystal to manufacture a technology. Come for years, its client list theres is no lack of of the royal blood high official, the Wang Lu that be like a law is easy 18, british queen, baccarat is considered as brand of crystal of class of royalty for use of an emperor. The crystal product below Baccarat banner is all-embracing, from furniture, lamps and lanterns, headgear, live in high-quality goods, tableware also is included to goblet.

2003, baccarat more with the riverside of benefit of humble of stylist Philippe Starck(that turns over a tradition - Sidake) Www.philippe-starck.com cooperated the crystal Maison Baccarat of France that exhibit a house. Saved already big curtilage classic appearance, increased fashionable temperament again, produce crystal and radial place, play gets incisively and vividly. Have giant and crystal mirror curtilage greatly, put at the giant and crystal lamp in big aquarium, the crystal chair with dye-in-the-wood height, reach countless crystal droplight.
Official website: Http://www.baccarat.fr/

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